20 fighters will be unveiled at the Zhuhai airshow in the future will be the main battle aircraft ex xhero

20 fighters will be unveiled at the Zhuhai airshow in the future will be the main battle aircraft experts said the Sohu News correspondent Tian Liu (left), Professor Du Wen Long (right) before our flight from F 5, F 6, f 11, J-7, F-8, aerodynamic and Russian fighter, everyone is not this Russian aircraft to feel it, this is not su type plane? But from the F – 20 pneumatic, with Russia’s active main battle equipment, including our familiar aircraft compared to a completely different, absolute China characteristics. It includes three wing layout, also like moving pressure and rear wings, also Chinese space system and now has the characteristics of China strike ammunition system, the sign of "Chinese air force" firmly in the air to form a uppercase symbol. Du Wenlong said that Chinese manufacturing from "20 fighters who can not only, still can see Chinese creation, which is valuable. Before the development of our aircraft is the imitation of the Soviet style aircraft follow up, this kind of appearance or form from now on is gone. So, today, we focus on the "f 20" is also concerned about the development direction and pattern of it. Q: 20 fighters in the end how much cattle? A: the official service after the f -20, the first task is in the depth range, AWACS, other preferred hunting electronic warfare aircraft and other high-value targets, and shoot down other air fighter, clean out a safe channel for our flight. Other models followed, such as fighter bombers, bombers, will put on the basis of the subsequent battle. In the whole process of operation, supersonic cruise and mobility f -20 the biggest bright spot will not be the most familiar, but its sensors and enjoy Battlefield Network situational awareness. Military expert Yin Zhuo: "the next 20 are our main battle aircraft, but also we seize control of the main plane, its aim is foreign high-grade machine, rather than mid-range machine. The first 20 strong stealth performance, and over the horizon detection and its performance is very good. Military expert Du Wenlong: "before the air force in the attack is insufficient, especially foreign stealth fighters and there is a certain gap, there is a lack in some aspects, if the air attack stealth capability, our combat effect will reach the extreme, an aircraft service is not a service platform, but changes the air force’s combat system is a revolution. This is the most important landmark event since the establishment of the air force." Q: 20 fighters have small batch production? A: military expert Yin Zhuo: "the 20 has not been finalized, I don’t think it has entered the small batch production, now has two aircraft with air painting, to Air Force pilots to fly, in the past, 20 fighters are the flight test Institute of Aviation Industry Corporation pilot flying now to the air force, the two handed over to the air force, air force test pilot from its operational performance to test. But it is still in the flight test, flight test, is not finalized." In this regard, the air force strategic experts also said in an interview, as if the air force Chinese a new platform in the range of set, it.相关的主题文章: