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3 million 210 thousand km hit the 18 Google unmanned in the end it? Auto Sohu – Sohu [auto high beam] before the national holiday there is one thing that is particularly popular, Google driverless car and hit the test! And this is not a serious hit, RX450h was almost dry. You have been very far before we want to talk about Google this drone in the end do not reliable, but before the eleven mixed fact is really too much, this time while eleven holidays, far Jun finally have time to talk with you about it. Before opening the chat, we still have to come to understand the difference between the stages of unmanned. In general, there are four stages in the process of driving from person to person. The first stage is the driver assistance, driver assistance system can provide the necessary information for the driver acquisition while driving, at a critical time, gives a clear and accurate warning technology: lane departure warning (LDW), forward collision warning (FCW) and blind spot warning system; the second stage is the semi automatic driving, the driver in the warning, still could not make corresponding measures, semi automatic system can make automatic response accordingly in the car. Related technologies are: emergency automatic braking (AEB), emergency Lane Assist (ELA); the third stage is highly automatic driving. The system can monitor the driver in the case, let the car to provide automatic control of long time or short time running, this is the primary stage; the fourth stage: fully automatic driving, without requiring the driver monitoring of the situation, to fully realize the automatic driving vehicle, means that the driver can engage in other activities in the car. As the Internet Office, entertainment or rest. If you look at the classification in accordance with the above, the first phase has been basically universal, and now the basic models are equipped with a high profile. The second phase is gaining popularity, and the EU legislation requires that all vehicles must be fitted with emergency braking (AEB) before November 2013. The third stage is now a prototype, the new Mercedes Benz S class can be in the case of traffic jams, the computer itself with the car, the owner can not have to control the vehicle. Some Chinese manufacturers are doing the relevant test. The fourth stage is Google’s efforts to achieve the goal. In fact, Google’s original goal is also the third stage. Before 2012, Google driverless project design with Tesla similar: the car is a semi automatic driverless car, a driver to pay attention to the situation, to prevent the situation changes when to take over the car, and a rear technical personnel monitoring and navigation computer. To this end, Google Lexus RX450h test: researchers reconstructed models on the basis of the original, with radar, laser, ultrasonic, camera and GPS equipment, the United States had recorded "Time" the specific installation position sensing device. But in 2013, Google employees through training, let them work with semi automatic driverless car, researchers found a problem: the driver in the Google test semi automatic driverless car to keep the vehicle driving attention, watch mobile phone,.相关的主题文章: