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360 big data: Telecommunications fraud prevention are golden week scammers have also been spelt –IT– people.com.cn original title: 360 telecommunications fraud prevention and data: late leave early work cheats golden week is also very hard today, presumably most people are lamenting the lovely National Day holiday has been away from us. For ordinary people, the National Day is a rare chance to rest, but there is a group of "hard", but almost do year-round, they are notorious repute of Telecom fraud gang. Of course, if you think that the crooks are also on the same day as the rest of the average person, you must have underestimated how hard the crooks are. According to today’s 360 release "eleven" during the anti big data telecommunications fraud: the first day of national day, the total amount of 360 mobile phone telephone harassment guards nationwide interception reached a staggering 150 million times, intercept telephone fraud amount up to 16 million times; and another peak in the last day of the National Day holiday, telephone harassment interception total of up to 139 million times, and intercept telephone fraud amount to 14 million 860 thousand times. It can be seen, not only the rest of the liar later than us, but we work earlier than. National Day in the middle of a few days, although the data has declined, harassing phone calls are still maintained at around 1.2-1.3 billion, while the phone is maintained between 13 million -1400 fraud. The crooks will not only day break, when mental relaxation time codified and cheating by people on vacation. According to the authoritative data show that the annual telecommunications fraud cases in China the rapid growth of 20% – 30% rate. From January to July this year, the national total of telecommunications fraud cases from 355 thousand, an increase of 36.4%, resulting in the loss of 11 billion 420 million yuan. Telecommunications fraud has formed a huge underground black industry chain. But the crooks also very "times", according to the social hot spots and different time and holidays make up different words are impossible to guard against fraud. In the face of emerge in an endless stream means of telecommunications fraud, 360 security experts concluded a "anti cheat formulas" for the majority of users: SMS link is not the point, the Trojan virus nowhere, group purchase tickets to be careful, the fare is too low not letter, ticket back change, asked whether the official customer service, tour transaction traps, look for a certain website for online shopping, to refund the login URL to remember clearly, the circle of friends in the water is too deep, promotions can not believe. At the same time, install 360 mobile phone security guards and other management software can also help users maximize to avoid the harm of telecommunications fraud, when a stranger calls, 360 security guards will automatically identify the number of telephone fraud, and according to the need to intercept telephone fraud. Users can successfully get rid of fraud telephone harassment, and can not miss important strange calls. (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: