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4 figures to understand Xi Jinping speech, today we commemorate Sun Zhongshan! – this morning, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan held in Beijing, Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. In the more than 6 thousand word speech text, Xi Jinping spoke highly of the historical contribution of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, called on the study and inheritance of his precious spirit, and called on all Chinese people oppose secessionist forces. Today, how do we remember Mr. Sun Zhongshan? Together to learn! What is the contribution of the Mr. Sun Zhongshan? In his speech, Xi Jinping spoke highly of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s historical contributions with 3 "great" values in his speech of "the great" of the 3 great men. Xi Jinping said that Mr. Sun Zhongshan is a great pioneer of the great national hero, a great patriot, Chinese democratic revolution, life to the revolutionary mission to save the nation, contributed to the annals of the Chinese nation. The China Communist Party and Sun Zhongshan what is the relationship? Xi Jinping summed up the Communist Party of China with 3 kinds of "identity" as the most staunch supporter, the most loyal collaborator and the most faithful successor of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. Today, we can say to Mr Sun Zhongshan, than at any time in history we are closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, than at any time in history are more confident, have the ability to achieve this goal. Today, in China under the leadership of the Communist Party, people of all nationalities in the country of tenacious struggle, Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s blueprint has already achieved many achievements, Chinese people create far beyond the imagination of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. The motherland, in the Qinghai Tibet railway, road network density, a high gap Pinghu port, even five ocean, industry Qi, rice and wheat and incense, the Shenzhou flying space, stronger defense. Mr. Sun Zhongshan is committed to the construction of independent, democratic and prosperous countries have long standing firm in the east. November 11th, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan held in the Great Hall of the people. The picture is the conference site. Xinhuanet.com today to commemorate Sun Zhongshan Chen Jingchao she ? Xi Jinping called for learning the spirit of the 4 Xi Jinping Sun Zhongshan stressed that the US of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s best memorial, is to learn and inherit his precious spirit, unite forces to mobilize all elements that can be mobilized for the rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of him and continue to struggle. Specifically, it is necessary to learn the 4 aspects: first, we must learn from Mr. Sun Zhongshan love the motherland, the noble spirit of dedication to the motherland. Mr. Sun Zhongshan is the biggest characteristic of the love of the motherland, life is the pursuit of national independence and development and revitalization of the ideal, in this regard, unwavering perseverance. The two is to learn the broad feelings of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, care for the people of the whole world as one community. Mr. Sun Zhongshan has deep feelings for the people, adhere to the "life of the whole world as one community" as the highest realm of thought, is committed to "get rid of the worries of the people, for the people’s well-being, in this regard, unwavering perseverance". The three is to learn Sun Zhongshan’s pursuit of truth, with the excellent quality. Mr. Sun Zhongshan has a broad vision and an open mind and a lifelong quest for truth相关的主题文章: