A cycle of space the Shenzhou 11 launch China this month long march five to the first flight cad2012序列号和密钥

A cycle of space: the Shenzhou 11 launch China this month long march five is the first to fly the original title: the space Chinese: 11 Jiazi God this month will launch Long March five first flew in October 8, 1956, China first missile research institutions, Research Institute of Ministry of defense set up in fifth, marking the creation of aviation industry of China. Today (8 days), it will be the anniversary of the establishment of China’s space industry, the anniversary of the founding of the 60. After 60 years of development, China’s space industry has made remarkable achievements. In 13th Five-Year, a number of major Aerospace Engineering entered a critical stage, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft will be launched this month, China’s largest thrust rocket Long March five to enter the first flight preparation, the task is completed, Chinese space will enter a new stage of development. This year, China’s manned space project officially entered the space lab mission phase, has completed two tasks, which is a new generation of carrier rocket Long March seven, the first flight and Tiangong two space laboratory emission, and the next Shenzhou eleven launch mission in mid October, the mission because of the participation of the astronauts concern. China deputy commander of the manned space project Lei Fanpei: the Shenzhou eleven launch is the third year space laboratory tasks, and the same is to Tiangong two rendezvous and docking between the two astronauts to return 30 days to enter the temple, is provided for the construction of the space station astronauts long live according to provide guarantee for the construction of the space station. And after the completion of the Shenzhou eleven launch mission, China will also be carried out in early November, the largest domestic space launch vehicles – the first mission of the long march five mission. As a result of the main structure of the new 5 meters in diameter, and a new generation of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen and liquid oxygen kerosene engine, long march five carrying capacity increases. Lei Fanpei, deputy commander of China’s manned space engineering: its near earth orbit carrying capacity can reach about 25 tons. The long march five has been tested at the technical area of the Hainan launch site, and is expected to be released in late October. The core of the future space station to be launched by it, at the same time, Chang’e five lunar probe from its launch, so the construction of its launch to our country following the space station or deep space exploration or have very important significance. China is expected to start at the end of 2020 Mars in our space program is aiming to further disclosure of Mars, for just days before China’s Mars exploration program, China deputy commander of the manned space project Lei Fanpei said that the mission will be officially launched at the end of 13th Five-Year, and technology span will be more difficult than the current China’s lunar exploration mission. China deputy commander of the manned space project Lei Fanpei: according to the current plan, development of Mars exploration started this year, we plan to launch at the end of 2020, before July 2021, on Mars, for Mars exploration started around. Lei Fanpei said that the current Mars mission arrangement, the two functions will achieve a mission orbiting Mars landing on Mars patrol detection and detection, the equivalent of China’s lunar exploration project in the lunar month and fall detection two steps and one step. Lei Fanpei, deputy chief of China Manned Space Engineering: because we have.相关的主题文章: