A large car – a luxurious atmosphere without losing a moving van 5 military automobile Sohu neogeo.zip

The luxurious atmosphere without losing the moving van was 5? In the large car – car with young Sohu Car Buying consumer groups, after 85, 90 has gradually become the main force Car Buying population. In order to cater to the younger trend, the major enterprises are constantly advancing with the times, gradually through paragraph generation makes its models more youthful, fashion, sports, in order to please young consumer groups. In the field of large and medium-sized cars, most of the previous brands will be located in the car’s business or business, home style, the appearance of relatively stable and mediocre. Now they are also beginning to compromise the trend of younger, the appearance of the previous maturity of the gradual transition to the style of young sports. The master will give you a large car several "civil and military", their atmosphere, luxurious yet sports fan, was a young man love. 1, Lexus GS price: 459 thousand yuan -79.90 yuan 0-100km h time: 6.29 seconds in large car Lexus GS is Lexus’s a luxury positioning movement, its advantages and disadvantages are very clear: the sharp dynamic appearance attracted a high rate of return on the street, but compared with the same level of competition opponent. There is no advantage at all body size and wheelbase for most consumers to stop. Lexus GS front styling is very unassuming, family sign spindle type grille a sense of the future is extremely strong, two tusks wide chrome trim grille is on both sides of the mammoth elephant, with other sharp headlights, the entire front in the visual effect is very radical. The body side of the sleek, if the size of the rim was bigger, then some dynamic style more perfect. The rear styling elegant, "L" type taillights and headlights design with chrome trim chrome trim and rear bumper connected about taillights on (with models for chrome exhaust pipe cover) on the vision to enhance the vehicle’s quality. Power, Lexus GS launched a total of 3 kinds of power unit, 2.0T+8AT, 2.5L+ +E-CVT and 3.5L V6+ motor +E-CVT motor. One of the biggest power 2.0T turbocharged engine of 245 horsepower, peak torque of nm; the 2.5L naturally aspirated engine maximum power of 181 horsepower, peak torque of 221 nm, and the motor with the total power of 105 kilowatts, the total torque of 300 nm; the maximum power 3.5L V6 naturally aspirated engine is 292 horsepower. Peak torque of 352 nm, and the motor with the total power of 147 kilowatts, the total torque of 275 nm. The measured acceleration time h Lexus GS 450h 0-100km for 6.29 seconds. 2, SAIC Cadillac CT6 price: 439 thousand and 900 yuan -81.88 yuan 0-100km h time: 5.33 seconds and 6.57 seconds after the domestic XTS Cadillac ATS-L and Cadillac in the domestic sales increase, may be made to taste相关的主题文章: