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All aspects of integrity punish "Laolai" be – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing September 26th news review: all aspects of integrity punish "Laolai" on the Xinhua News Agency reporters with the general office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued the "Regulations on accelerating the debtor credit supervision, warning and punishment mechanism construction opinions", a dishonest debtor for the maximum joint disciplinary network is constructed, caused great concern from all walks of life in china. In some developed countries in the world, from the system to ensure social integrity, and severely punish of bad faith "Laolai", there have been some effective practices. System: the integrity of the main support in the United States, honesty and trustworthiness is not because of the simple nature of the United States, but because of a sound credit system. Credit system has become a pair of "invisible eyes", always monitoring the economic and social activities of everyone. In the United States, is responsible for the collection, integration, processing of personal credit records is not the U.S. government, but the market operation of various types of credit reporting agencies. These institutions paid to banks, insurance companies, real estate developers, employers and other market players to provide consumers with personal credit report. In turn, banks, employers and other credit institutions will take the initiative to provide credit reporting to these credit reporting agencies. Legal residents in the United States have a nine digit social security number, similar to China’s resident identity card number. But the difference is that the social security number information in the record is not only sex, age, and personal credit records, including utilities payment, insurance payment, personal income tax, and dealing with financial institutions of all records. Relevant institutions to enter the social security number of the national network of computers, you can query all personal credit records. Similarly, a sound social credit system and a sound credit management system, but also to build a good faith society in Germany rely mainly on. Germany has no credit management law, but the relevant provisions are found in commercial law, civil law, credit law and data protection law, become the establishment of social credit system and management system and the implementation of security. In Switzerland, there is a set of prevention and supervision mechanisms to maintain the integrity of society. People in employment, housing, and business loans issued by relevant government agencies need to submit, no criminal record, no breach of contract and related legal proof; apply for a credit card, the bank will require the applicant to provide the payment of tax, radio and television telephone documents; customs officers of the passengers at random, check whether the purchase of violating the customs regulations meat and alcoholic beverages from neighboring excess. Integrity: education can not be absent in New Zealand, integrity is a habit that permeates all levels of social life, but also an important part of higher education. In a survey of New Zealand College Students, the students believe that the formation of good faith habits and family education, social ethics and public education in high school is closely related to the provisions of the university. Many colleges and universities in New Zealand for students to carry out strict integrity education, to prevent cheating and plagiarism. At the Massey University, undergraduate thesis and graduation project相关的主题文章: