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The apple is love Ireland formally decided to appeal the decision to the EU Apple Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 3rd news, according to Reuters, the Irish cabinet on Friday agreed to join the apple camp, the EU ruled back tax appeal. The European Commission ruled this week, asked apple to the Irish government pay 13 billion euros ($14 billion 500 million) tax. This has angered the U.S. government, which accused the EU tried to take over this should belong to the United States government tax. With the escalation of tensions on both sides of the Atlantic, the White House said that U.S. President Obama will be held this weekend at the G20 summit in China to put forward some multinational tax avoidance. Ireland, however, does not intend to accept the huge tax. The scale of the tax is equivalent to Ireland’s investment in national health services last year. Since the European Union in 2014 to start the investigation of Apple’s tax arrangements, the Irish finance minister Michael · (Noonan) has been said that Ireland will fight against any adverse ruling on the (Michael). He said that Ireland must protect the tax system to attract a large number of multinational employers. This Wednesday, Noonan did not convince a group of independent lawmakers, let their support for the EU ruled that the appeal. However, on Friday, when the Irish cabinet members meet to discuss this issue, Noonan won their support. Noonan that ruling by the European traceability "is simply absurd and outrageous". "If the foreign companies know their legal arrangements will be overthrown in 25 years, and the need to pay taxes, they will direct investment in Europe?" Noonan said at a news conference. Pascale, Minister of public spending in Ireland, · (Paschal), said that the Irish government is the backing of corporate tax policy, it is a way to create jobs in Donohoe. "This ruling has had a huge negative impact on future employment in Ireland," he said. Apple has said it will appeal against the EU ruling. (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: