Audi push Q3 sports version, just like the smaller version of q7- Sohu seaway

Audi Q3 version of the sport, like a smaller version of the Q7- Sohu, although the car Audi was at the end of 2014, according to the brand’s luxury cars are too small SUVQ3 small change, but Audi recently again for Q3 fine appearance, the lock is S Line motion models, and also introduced a more bright S Line Competition Special Edition special cars, priced from 30100 euros, a new S Line Competition – Special Edition for 33050 euros, this fall will be the first on the market in europe. Audi again for Q3 small change, the new special Q3 Line Competition Special Edition models, with a more eye-catching design, is about to take the lead in Europe in the fall this year. The appearance of new black trim figure attractive in appearance with eye-catching yellow coating, is the new Audi Q3 S Line Competition Special Edition, can be found in the overall appearance maintained last facelift appearance, like a large opening single type 6 angle type water tank is connected on both sides and headlight cover, bumper about gas dam. The rear bumper and taillights and a more distinct level. As for the new Q3 S Line Competition Special Edition taking modeling as the foundation, the first is for the single type 6 angle type water tank cover adopt Stone Grey dark coating, on both sides of the air dam add a body with color painting wing plate, front fender on the same block S Line emblem decorated, trim front and rear wheel arch join bright black paint, and rearview mirror cover, window frame trim and roof rack, also changed to black painting, showing a high contrast visual effects eye-catching. Q3 S Line Competition Special Edition the whole car to join the black high gloss appearance trim, and add Camouflage Green green special metal paint, to take Tundra Brown to be the original color brown metal car. The interior for a three? S Line, a radial direction disc, S tronic tiptronic models new metal pedal aluminum leather mix head gear manual model change feel better. Its collocation are domineering 19 inch wheels, rear windshield glass on the edge of the tail shape modification of the more perverse, the exhaust pipe is changed from the original unilateral double about the double design, finally the whole car body under the air force decoration margin, also coated with bright black coating, so that the overall visual effect Fuller, more performance flavor. The interior has a slight adjustment, the main change is? A S Line emblem decorated three multi-function steering wheel, use more aluminum material for decoration in the car seat control interface, can use rich layers of AlcaN相关的主题文章: