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The baby eat hand marks what Sohu maternal most parents will find the baby have finger habits, for why the baby eat finger is a lot of what it means? The following small for everyone to do a detailed introduction. 1, if the baby started to eat, said the baby’s heart development has entered a new stage of hand eye coordination baby finger function differentiation and early, is a stage of intellectual development of children. Because at this time the child’s brain is not yet mature, he can not command their own hands. 2-3 months after the birth of the child with the development of the brain, hand in the eyes of the baby is actually a very interesting toy. 2, the baby is a healthy way to eat hand comfort. Freud, a famous psychologist, believes that eating is the best way to satisfy the baby. 2-3 months baby is in the lips of pleasure, if the baby’s sucking needs are not met, it will affect his physical and mental development, prone to temper the symptoms of depression, there will be. Careful parents will find that if the baby appears restless, irritable mood, when eating after the baby will become quiet. Part of the baby, will also be used to attract the way to allow the fingers to comfort themselves to sleep. 3, suck the hand that the baby’s motor muscles and muscle control ability to cooperate with each other has made great achievements. For the baby, the suction finger action requires the coordination of the 4 reflex behavior can be completed. First bend the arm into an arc, then relax the muscles and reach out your fingers, then search again and put your hands in your mouth. If your baby starts sucking fingers, parents should be happy. In fact, when the baby 8-9 months, it will not be allowed to suck the fingers, and only a small part of the baby will have the habit of allowing the suction finger. If the baby at the age of 1, there are also allowed to suck the fingers of the habit, it means that the baby will suck the finger at the beginning of the lack of teeth, parents need special attention. In addition, the baby love touch things, hands are dirty, there will be bacteria enter the body caused by disease. For love to suck the fingers of the baby, grow up will like to bite fingers, and even smoking habits. For the healthy growth of children, parents must do a good job of supervision, to avoid bacterial invasion of the baby’s body, thus affecting the baby’s health.相关的主题文章: