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Bank lost to children’s Guardian point? A number of bank staff said they did not know – on a bank to become a child lost to the guardian point of the message in the circle of friends was forwarded. Network picture Hualong network September 23rd 22:23 news (reporter She Zhenfang) today, a message in my circle of friends is a lot of forwards — "since October 1st, the national bank officially became the Chinese lost child safety guard", is this true? Reporter multi confirmation, Chongqing Banking Association said it did not know, a number of bank staff also said that the relevant notification has not been received. "Please tell your child: on the outside, can not find the time, mom and dad do not panic, go to a bank to sit down, tell the staff you can not find the family, the staff will contact your family. October 1st, the national bank officially became China lost contact with children’s security guards! The bank is the guardian of separated children! As long as the child into the bank, even temporarily lost contact with the parents, the children would not be abducted or unexpected!" Today, a lost child rescue tips in the circle of friends was forwarded a lot. The reporter contacted the Chongqing city banking association responsible person, the person said, the banking industry has been trying to fulfill their social responsibilities, within the limits of the public request will try to help, but he asked Chinese through telephone banking association, received no notice, did not understand the relevant circumstances. Subsequently, the reporter dialed ICBC, several banks have said there is no service hotline, inquire into the relevant policy. A staff member told reporters that China Merchants Bank, received an internal e-mail, notify you not to forward. The bank staff to open another unit of the bank said that the future may be the work into consideration, but the implementation will take time. In fact, as early as a few months ago, there is a series of XX to become the place of lost child safety guard "prompt relief spread on the Internet, there is a real estate intermediary, a courier company, even the bus became Chinese lost children’s Guardian car", finally, the various versions of rescue information are the official judged false news. Related to the safety of children, we are very concerned about, a lawyer said, in fact, to the bank is not the safest way, because there are many people in the bank, there is no guarantee that the child in the bank is not an accident. How did the child lose? Prior to the police had to remind the public, once lost, it is recommended to take the children to wait for their parents to find a place to stay, or to find a way to call the phone by 110, help patrol police, etc..相关的主题文章: