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Big data warning   make telecommunications fraud undetected — communication channel — original title: big data for early warning telecommunications fraud undetected to select the number of markers, big data techniques that combat telecommunications fraud from the side, may be a new way to faster, the lower and higher efficiency very worthy of further exploration and promotion. Inner Mongolia public security remind you: the number has been marked as a fraud call, please listen carefully!" When the mobile phone users to answer or call suspected fraud number, the user’s mobile phone screen will display the above information synchronization. This set by China Mobile Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd. research and development of fraud telephone warning system on-line operation. Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau, said the system is Inner Mongolia’s first telephone fraud warning system, has marked more than 400 million telephone fraud. Recently, how to effectively curb telecommunications fraud, attracted a big discussion of the whole society. To prevent the disclosure of the identity information from the source, idea is correct, but the operation of doubt: every day we have to use a lot of identity information, send express, registration, accreditation, to ensure that the information is not intended to collect, very difficult; and from the end to strengthen law enforcement, law enforcement is facing cost problem. In the Xu Yuyu case, due to inter provincial joint handling, some experts estimate the overall handling cost is much higher than the cheated 9000 yuan. There are media reports, the Shenzhen public security department said that last year from abroad recaptured 39 telecommunications fraud suspects, the average cost of up to 280 thousand yuan after. Of course, the fight against fraud is a matter of principle, life is priceless, but in practice, the cost of detection is a reality can not be considered a bottleneck. Because from the front and end of all existing constraints, from the middle link of interventional technology has become a more practical way. Early warning system of Inner Mongolia public security and communications operators to launch, is undoubtedly a successful example by telephone number markers, both to enhance the public awareness, the implementation cost is also very low, multiplier. In some countries, technology has become the main means to combat telecommunications fraud. For example, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission urged AT& T, apple, Google and other companies jointly develop communication, calling number identification technology to shield the false number; and in Japan, mobile phone maker Fujitsu and Nagoya University has developed a mobile phone conversation analysis function, will often use keywords fraud set to dangerous words, once the call content contained in such words mobile phone, immediately alert and prompt. In fact, many regulatory issues are relying on technological progress to find a solution. For example, in the field of public safety, and how to expand the police can not stare at every corner of society, the camera network can be; in traffic grooming, intelligent traffic lights higher than the traffic police duty. Even after the thief also grasp how big data, may have to have company: analysis of Beijing bus and subway card data, in view of the thief are deliberately detours, frequent access to stations and other anomalies, identify the success rate as high as 92.7%. In the face of a worldwide problem in the fight against telecommunications fraud, perhaps we can also enter one)相关的主题文章: