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Big fight of Internet Banking: line busy grab scene under the line busy connecting each reporter Zhang Jiang Peifang, although millet mobile phone sales this year is not good, but this did not stop the Lei in "Internet plus" pace. September 26th, millet technology online equity financing platform to raise the price of rice service, and dug the former deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Finance Office Zhao Minghui served as chief executive officer. So far, millet became the Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong and other Internet companies, but also a formal entry into the equity financing industry Internet Co. The light from the meter to raise gold clothes these four words can be seen, this is a new platform on ant gold clothing lei. Compared with the traditional enterprise and traditional banking, Internet companies in the financial aspects of the operation is Internet plus, namely the creation of new financial scene, will pay the financial application into the scene, reshaping the financial ecology. In fact, as the field of people use the Internet financial services more widely, consumption habits are increasingly popular, whether it is traditional financial institutions or Internet Co, all want to eat this big cake Internet banking. BAT three giants, for example, the three companies have been in the field of Internet banking flag. Among them, the Ant King in a short span of three years, it has completed the layout of the full license, and even in some emerging areas of the product has been far ahead. Ali followed Tencent, but also in the beginning of 2013 to start the layout, has been paid to pay license, micro credit license, fund sales license, private banking license, etc.. In addition, there is a very typical case, that is the first time into the electricity supplier competition dilemma Jingdong, in the embrace of Internet banking, the development of a broader road Jingdong. This may be one of the reasons why millet is also facing difficulties to enter the financial sector. According to penguin wisdom cool research report, Internet Co in the selection of financial services, there are three considerations. First, by the financial business itself to obtain a direct income, known as income enhancement". Two is to enhance the profitability of the original business system through the provision of financial services, that is, business enhancements". Three ecological enhancement, the layout of the future value of the financial business in the ecosystem value. But no matter what kind of consideration, the scene is the core of Internet Co leveraging financial business value. Only to get through these assets can reach the scene, in order to use data to achieve the pricing of risky assets, complete the entire business chain. Now, whether it is rooted in the Alibaba’s "balance of treasure" and "flower chanting", is rooted in the Jingdong’s "Jingdong ious are strong consumer scene based on superposition of strong flow of support, making the rapid development of consumer finance business. Recently, the Jingdong announced the "financial cooperation program" with the bank’s joint electronic account — "white flash pay" officially launched, the account UnionPay flash pay through cloud technology, implementation of UnionPay in the country about 19 million of the flash pay POS machines use, covering more than and 800 10000, the mobile consumer finance experience will meet people a variety of clothing, food, shelter, and other types of consumer demand. According to Analysys released "Chinese third party branch.相关的主题文章: