Blue moon fun brother three service opening win Honglei Sun limited set brock lesnar

"Blue moon" fun brother three service opening win Honglei Sun brother Honglei Sun will open the service limit set in September 28th third, the long-awaited Honglei Sun custom suit will also beat the big brother three service starting! Special service privilege activities open again, open service to send gold, send equipment. Limited suit + exclusive activities, only in big brother three. Hook up or not! Big brother three service appointment address: "blue moon" big brother three fun Open Exclusive ingot feast than the hand speed, than luck, than the strength of big brother three open service immediately send gold, twenty lucky game player each created the first role of giving the first charge of one thousand gold, than is the hand speed! On the first day of 70, randomly selected twenty game player sent a total of nearly seventy thousand yuan, than is luck! Open service seven days fighting competition, the top five hundred thousand gold awards! Also for senior repair Dan and meritorious service, is the strength ratio! The exclusive gold feast than the hand speed, than luck, than the strength of spirit three big brother take cities and seize territory to open service seventh days at noon, will reach the 80 level in all the selected twenty lucky game player in the game player, get attribute potion, achievement token, Dragonsoul fragments respectively. The siege after the opening, three times before the occupation of Wangcheng’s gang president will be handed down spirit and gold awards! Honglei Sun Honglei Sun set limit officially starting limit set before starting "blue moon" official fun had news release, Honglei Sun will custom suits, suit pattern and one of the first to experience the event also launched simultaneously. In the forum rob floor activities, activities of replies as many as more than 6 thousand, a total of twenty lucky game player won the Honglei Sun custom suits the first to experience the opportunity, prizes will be distributed, please wait patiently. Honglei Sun Honglei Sun will set limited sample set is defined in the first episode of big brother three in service, seven days before the opening service capability three game player will reward a Honglei Sun suit, missed the forum to experience the activities of the game player who must seize the chance of big brother three! It is fun to play "brother blue moon is a blue moon" by Honglei Sun endorsement of the legendary classic game, breaking the previous legendary game shackles, the classic version of you again, to bring a new game player game experience. "Naughty blue" official website: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: