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Capital to enter the real estate industry trend to accelerate this will be the next tuyere ordinary capital to buy housing, developers, financial capital in the purchase of industrial real estate, which is the next outlet? Tian Guobao Beijing reported that when the social capital influx of real estate for hedging, some real estate developers, financial capital and manufacturing industry is the focus of this field into real estate industry, especially since 2016, various types of capital into the real estate industry trend accelerated. According to incomplete statistics, the real estate industry service providers China Park as of now, the 2016 at least 34 enterprises to enter the real estate industry, the number of real estate background most enterprises accounted for 23, the other 12 were 5 manufacturing enterprises, 4 financial capital enterprises and 2 commercial enterprises background. "From the end of 2014 the central public entrepreneurship, innovation", the State Council has issued a number of related implementation and the implementation of the views, this policy is intended to help industry to upgrade and revitalize the real economy, industry as an important carrier of the real estate industry has also been widely regarded as an important outlet. Relative to the real economy in the current downturn in the background, a lot of capital into the real estate industry to a certain extent, also caused the main industry and industrial estate carrier does not match, an industrial park, the person in charge said: "the real economy is not good, the real estate industry can be good to go?" But on the other hand, the influx of capital in the real economy downturn stage, also means that the value of this property will be re industrial real estate excavation. At least 34 years for many enterprises to enter the capital into the field of industrial real estate, general manager of Ge Pei with Zhangjiang hi tech fitness experience, he said, since 2016, including the capital, Hony investment Hua Ping capital many enterprises to enter the real estate industry, and even some never experience estate enterprises have begun to test the water. From the transformation of China’s Industrial Park in 2016 to enter the list of industrial real estate companies can be seen, 34 new enterprises mainly in real estate development enterprises, followed by manufacturing enterprises and financial capital enterprises. Most of these enterprises for the first time engaged in industrial real estate development, there are some enterprises in the early years have been layout, but this year began to accelerate the start. 23 real estate background of new enterprises, the central enterprises and state-owned enterprises accounted for more than half of the background, the poly, COSCO, China railway construction, China Railway Group, Zhangzhou investment and construction group are central enterprises or the background of central enterprises in the real estate business; the first shares, first home buyers, Nanshan, the city transit investment, stock control Yunnan Chengdu city investment and industry investment for the local background of state-owned enterprises. In addition, in 2016 to enter the real estate field 11 private real estate enterprises, Biguiyuan, Jia Zhaoye, Taihe, Greentown, Emori development companies impressively, while entering and Hopson, Galaxy Group, boill group, excellence group, Zhongtian Group and other 5 real estate enterprises. In April, the first group with Yida group reached a strategic cooperation agreement, with 2 billion yuan of convertible bonds and cooperation Yida group together in real estate, business park development and other fields, into the real estate industry. In addition, the group also pioneered cooperation with Zhongguancun相关的主题文章: