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Car Daren show (104) Geely new platform advanced? Phoenix car · car Daren show CMA, with the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Chinese men’s basketball (CBA) no relationship between the English abbreviation, but in the car circle aroused no small waves, why? Although Li Shufu repeatedly stressed that Geely is Geely, Volvo is Volvo, but in fact, the outside world has always been concerned about what Volvo brings to Geely, obviously, CMA is an important section, why? In October, Geely has just released the latest LYNK& in Goteborg, Sweden; CO brand, the new model will be based on the CMA architecture to build, and why? In fact, these problems Geely started four years ago to today, CMA architecture and LYNK& CO; they just give the first brand paper market. BTW: in order to ensure the readability of this article, I will speak boring numbers, say more subjective comments. OK, we first say: why can the wheelbase interval span CMA architecture is not less than 400mm, while the seat position can be adjusted to 620mm from 700mm… "Modular" production is not fresh, World War II made tanks do. Frankly, these two years, modular production concept has been playing a bad feeling, so that even a lot of unknown truth to eat melon masses will say two or three. In short, the expansion of the platform is good or not, what is the production of modular innovation, the concept is actually as early as the Second World War was put forward, and large-scale application in the manufacture of tanks. The military factory will integrate a variety of attack, defense, mobile module, according to the actual needs of the war to segment manufacturing, in order to ensure the rapid and mass production of different types of tanks. The concept of modular production into a batch of car manufacturing, the Germans took the steps to be earlier. Until today, it has become the undisputed industry trend, formed a trend that had not much to explain, want to say that he is the first automobile manufacturers to come to ask you "module"? This is the present age. The original CMA architecture and its "Chinese identity", said very xiehu, actually is not mysterious. Before the introduction of the CMA architecture, said the first point: macro with us today why commonly used mobile phone APP to pay money, why always listen to download songs like the original intention of the development of automobile manufacturing platform and environment change also has an important relationship. This is well understood, when the automobile production "modular" has become the industry trend, China independent brands need to the international arena, in the face of the user needs more differentiation, diversification, young when, as with international brand resources and technological advantages of Geely, almost no development of a new platform to meet the needs of the times. Reason. So, a new platform for the new architecture, there must be, Geely and Volvo jointly developed, Geely is also an inevitable choice to waterside pavilion month. "Geely is Geely, Volvo is Volvo", this sentence Geely boss Li Shufu said early in the acquisition of Volvo four years ago, of course, the emphasis is on the word between the brand and the brand, the company between deep.相关的主题文章: