Car truck collided in the middle of the night high speed car crash killed two people

The car collided with a car on the highway trucks at night two people died on the evening of 7, Xiangzhou District north to the ancient Yi Xiang high-speed intersection direction about 1 kilometers, a car collided with a truck, though by the local police, fire rescue, two people on the car still killed. According to reports, the evening 11:10, two cars on the road to the accident when traveling to a sudden collision, the truck driver fortunately no harm, but he found the car was injured in the two people were trapped, and quickly alarm. After the alarm, Xiangzhou traffic police, Xiangzhou fire squadron, 120 departments rushed to the scene to rescue. I saw the car cross the road in front has been severely deformed, two injured remain unconscious, with multiple blood body, glass and car parts scattered on the ground. Police immediately set up a cordon, the implementation of temporary traffic control, ease traffic. Fire officers observed two injured legs and waist was stuck in the cab, unable to move, they will be two cars after the separation, the expansion tool immediately with the cab, assist with crowbar. More than and 20 minutes later, the injured were rescued, unfortunately, the scene of the 120 medical staff confirmed that the two had no signs of life, two. According to preliminary investigation, the deceased was a man and a woman, a man is Xiangzhou, one is the people of Shiyan. At present, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章: