Chinese bridge supplier conference held in Wuhan to build a world-class Bridge Construction Corps –

Chinese bridge supplier conference held in Wuhan to build a world-class Construction Corps – Beijing, Beijing, Wuhan, September 13 (Xu Jinbo Zhang Jingding 13, China aoan) from around the world hundreds of excellent suppliers gathered in Hubei Wuhan bridge, to jointly promote the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, the development of a new type of partnership, so as to create a world-class Chinese construction corps. Allegedly, this is the first large-scale supplier of China’s bridge industry event held. Hosting the conference by the supplier Chinese bridge industry leader – China Railway Bridge Bureau, has attracted Sany, ZOOMLION, XCMG and other domestic engineering machinery leading enterprises, well-known enterprises in Wuhan Steel shares, Gezhouba Dam cement and domestic building materials, and various labor service companies. We have excellent supplier preferential policies, jointly promote the construction of bridge construction technology innovation, optimization of equipment procurement and leasing model, the establishment of mutual trust and mutual benefit and win-win mechanism and other issues to discuss exchanges. General manager of China Railway Bridge Bureau said Hu Hanzhou, born in the construction of "Yangtze River Bridge" — Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Railway Bridge Bureau, more than 60 years, to achieve the conquest of insurmountable from across the rivers and lakes, the construction of large span bridge construction or modernization of more than 90% of the domestic, and hit many wonders of the world, making the bridge industry a new name card China to the world "". Close cooperation across each step Chinese bridge industry all cannot do without bridge business and excellent supplier. For example is the construction of the Pingtan bridge project, the bridge all the year round in the big wind, big waves, strong corrosion and other harsh environmental factors, Zhejiang Zhongrui heavy Polytron Technologies Inc and Bridge Bureau jointly carry out scientific and technological research, the successful design developed with large torque and large diameter full face rock drilling rig into 5000 hole ability, has played alternative role for the successful completion of construction tasks. It is through cooperation with nearly 3000 suppliers, leading the China Railway Bridge Bureau the Chinese bridge straddles the river, into the Legion mountains, toward the ocean, the construction of the world’s longest cross sea bridge – Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the largest span of Tianxinzhou bridge – Shanghai railway, Yangtze River bridge’s first China open sea rail bridge — Pingtan Strait Bridge, the world’s largest double span suspension bridge — Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Yang Si Hong Kong and the world’s largest span highway and railway suspension bridge five Yangtze River bridge mountain and a number of world-renowned bridge engineering. Hu Hanzhou pointed out that at present, the bridge industry is facing Chinese financing system reform, in-depth implementation of PPP project; implementation of supply side structural reforms, the low-end production capacity to accelerate the exit; "The Belt and Road national strategic opportunities, overseas market risk such as new opportunities and challenges, more mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, to develop new partners the relationship, work together to build a world-class China construction corps. The same day, China Railway Bridge Bureau on the "integrity, innovation, mutual benefit and win-win" concept, the screening of 110 excellent suppliers from thousands of suppliers in recognition, aims to build a good platform for exchanges and cooperation between the industry, the comprehensive strength of display suppliers, encourage suppliers to adhere to integrity management, adhere to innovation driven, promote mutual benefit and achieve win-win situation.)相关的主题文章: