Chongqing taste! This season is a Hot pot — Sohu and fully and delightfully stanley博士的家2

Chongqing taste! This season, on a fully and delightfully — Hot pot mountain view is that if the Sohu and Chongqing name card, so is the soul of Chongqing Hot pot. In Chongqing, Hot pot is necessary for life, do not eat one or two times a week had not divided into new and old Chongqing Hot pot, new Hot pot add more fashion elements and innovative dishes, the taste is more popular. The old focus is spicy and mellow, not paid much attention to the environment. Liu hand is one of the representatives of the new Hot pot Shapingba liyishou store is located in the Three Gorges Square rosan third floor of the building decoration, stylish enough to force the grid. The characteristics of Australian cattle, set like beauty skirt, very sexy! Clear lines of high quality, Shabu after spicy tender, taste good. Fine duck, crisp piece of slag. The best goose intestines, ruddy color, uniform thickness of the intestinal wall, a look that is quality goods, entrance crisp shells teeth. Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper, patches of tasty, spicy but not dry, very fun. Brown sugar cake, crisp outside, soft, fragrant and sweet. There are said to be more delicious than McDonald’s sweet.相关的主题文章: