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The public buy imported food without Chinese label, get ten times compensation for the original title: imported food without Chinese businessman ten times compensation, Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) because purchased imported food without Chinese label, Jeong will a household goods company to court. Recently, the second intermediate court of Beijing rejected the appeal of the home appliance company, and maintained the court of first instance to make the company return the payment to Zheng and pay ten times compensation. In June 12, 2014, Zheng in the home furnishing company opened the shop to spend 600 yuan to buy a number of different rolling sugar, charcoal tea, such as three kinds of food. Among them, two kinds of food packaging use traditional Chinese tagging, and there is no domestic dealer name, address and contact way, one kind of food packaging does not have Chinese labels and instructions. Jeong said after the appeal court of first instance, after its purchase found this batch of products belonging to the imported products are not Chinese label, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "food safety law", requesting the court to order the company to return to Home Furnishing supplies 600 yuan of money, and pay 6000 yuan ten times compensation. The home appliance company contends that the packaging of the products involved does not conform to the relevant provisions of the food safety law. The company only reviews the customs declaration and health certificate of the purchasing agent when the goods are purchased, which leads to the problem. After the first trial, the home appliance company appealed. The second city court after hearing that the Home Furnishing supplies company as a food seller shall, in accordance with the procurement of food and food safety requirements, the sale of food does not comply with the "food safety law" to the mandatory provisions of food safety, so Zheng has the right to request the return of the purchase, liability and bear ten times the payment. The judgment of the first instance is not improper and should be maintained. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146         statement: This manuscript for China Newsweek exclusive Sina network, without permission can not be reproduced 市民买进口食品无中文标签获十倍赔偿   原标题:进口食品无中文 商家十倍赔偿   北京晨报逊(记者 颜斐) 因购买的进口食品无中文标签,郑某将某家居用品公司告上法庭。近日,北京市二中院终审驳回家居用品公司上诉,维持一审法院作出该公司向郑某返还货款并支付十倍赔偿的判决。   2014年6月12日,郑某在家居用品公司开设的店铺花费600元购买了数量不等的牛轧糖、炭烧奶茶等三种食品。其中,两种食品包装上使用繁体中文标注,且没有境内经销商的名称、地址和联系方式,一种食品包装上没有中文标签和说明。   郑某后诉至一审法院称,其购买后发现这批产品属于进口产品却没有中文标签,违反了《食品安全法》相关规定,请求判令家居用品公司返还600元货款,并支付6000元的十倍赔偿款。   家居用品公司辩称,涉案产品的包装确实和《食品安全法》相关规定不符,公司在进货时只审查了进货商海关的报关证明和卫生证书,导致问题的出现。   一审败诉后,家居用品公司提出上诉。市二中院经审理认为,家居用品公司作为食品销售者,应当按照食品安全的要求采购食品,现其销售的食品不符合《食品安全法》对于食品安全的强制性规定,因此郑某有权要求其返还货款,并承担十倍货款的赔偿责任。一审判决并无不当,应予维持。 责任编辑:孙爱林 SN146     声明:本稿件为中国《新闻周刊》独家提供新浪网,未经许可不得转载相关的主题文章: