Commission issued 14 IPO Financing does not exceed the evening of 7 billion 300 million and 14 heavy tencent upd

The Commission issued 14 IPO financing does not exceed 7 billion 300 million and 14 in the evening, a heavy news summary of Securities News card board for investors to open a securities account number limit adjusted to 3 households will be an investor to open a securities account limit adjusted to 3 households, guide the amended section 2.1.2: "an investor can only apply to open a a yard pass account. An investor can apply for a maximum of 3 A shares account, closed-end fund account in the same market, can only apply for the opening of the 1 credit accounts, B shares account." In October 15, 2016 before the natural and ordinary institutional investors have opened more than 3 households (including 3 households, the same below) of similar securities account, accord with the real name system to open and use management requirements, and indeed the needs of practical use, investors can continue to use. For long-term use of more than 3 open account, I will be incorporated into the dormant account management. Commission Vice Chairman Li Chao: encourage for double project merger and reorganization Commission Vice Chairman Li Chao at the fourth session of Chinese venture capital industry summit said, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship projects for mergers and acquisitions, promote industry integration, transformation and upgrading. Actively support qualified innovation and entrepreneurship projects through mergers and acquisitions bigger and stronger, to encourage traditional enterprises for new technologies, new products for the extension of mergers and acquisitions. Actively support qualified venture capital financing. Start the double bonds, green bonds, debt may be renewed and the Panda Bonds innovative varieties pilot, to meet the financing needs of enterprises innovation and entrepreneurship. The State Council executive meeting decided to further expand domestic consumption policies and measures of the State Council in October 14th Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to further expand domestic consumption policies and measures to promote the upgrading of service industry development and economic transformation; deployment continued to deepen the reform of commercial system, a greater decrease of the cost of system innovation. The meeting pointed out that, in line with the expectations of the masses, in order to improve the reform and innovation in the field of consumer services, especially in the field of effective supply, make up the short board, help to improve people’s livelihood, foster new economic development momentum. Over the past few years to take a series of policies, a strong impetus to the expansion of consumption, and promote the development of the service industry and manufacturing quality improvement, supporting the economic transformation and upgrading. The Ministry of housing and urban housing prices and then a punch specification cover disc Xishou and other 9 kinds of misconduct in October 14th, the Ministry of housing and urban construction held to regulate real estate development business to maintain the real estate market order teleconference, the Department will further rectify and regulate the order of the real estate market. The Ministry of housing real estate development enterprises 9 kinds of unfair business practices made a clear definition: one is misleading, fraud and speculation, including the publication of false information and advertising, fabricating or spreading rumors; the other is illegal sales practices, including pre-sale permits, commercial housing sales in the collection the deposit reserve funds, property hoarding, secretly charges, tie-in sale, a "sell" etc.. Commission on the 8 cases of administrative penalties for the spread of false information involving the spread of false information, the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun said at a regular press conference today, the Commission on the 8 cases of administrative penalties for the case of the 3. Of which 2 cases of illegal disclosure of information, the case of false information dissemination of the 3 cases, the 2 cases.相关的主题文章: