Dengue fever found in Chongqing! Must pay attention to Matera tourism! (video) stanley博士的家2

Dengue fever found in Chongqing! Must pay attention to Matera tourism! Recently, the Chongqing inspection and Quarantine Bureau of quarantine of entry passengers at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport were detected in 1 cases of imported dengue fever cases, this is the Chongqing air port for the first time this year the detection of dengue fever cases, is the first time after 2013 was fourth, the detection of infection. The passenger was male, and the local people of Chongqing were found to have fever symptoms when they returned to Chongqing from Malaysia. They were tested positive for dengue virus nucleic acid test (PCR) by the laboratory of Shanghai international travel health care center. Dengue fever is a kind of acute mosquito borne infectious disease, which can cause high fever, muscle and joint pain and other symptoms. The condition is serious and can endanger life. It is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical countries and regions, especially in Southeast Asia, the Western Pacific region and the Caribbean region of the United states. Inspection and quarantine departments remind people to go to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, before travel to international travel health service agencies for consultation, access to health guidance, travel should take preventive measures to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. In case of fever, rash, muscle and joint pain, the patient should actively report to the inspection and quarantine department, and actively cooperate with the infectious disease investigation. The inspection and quarantine department will also give relevant health guidance. Those who have symptoms after entering the country should go to the doctor immediately and explain the recent history of travel and the history of mosquito bites to the doctor. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news Chen Xiang video only for extended reading, unrelated to this article, holiday safety travel to guard against "village card" and "dengue fever""

重庆又发现登革热!要去新马泰旅游的一定注意!近日,重庆检验检疫局在重庆江北国际机场对入境旅客实施入境检疫时检出1例输入性登革热病例,这是重庆航空口岸今年首次检出登革热病例,也是继2013年首次检出 后,第四次检出感染病例。该旅客为男性,重庆本地人,从马来西亚旅游回国入境时被旅检现场检疫人员发现有发热症状,后经重庆国际旅行卫生保健中心实验室检测为登革热病毒核酸检测(PCR)阳性。登革热是一种急性蚊媒传染病,可出现高热、肌肉及关节疼痛等症状,病情严重可危及生命。广泛流行于全球热带和亚热带的国家和地区,其中以东南亚、西太平洋地区和美洲加勒比海地区多呈地方性流行,疫情较为严重。检验检疫部门提醒前往新加坡、泰国、马来西亚等东南亚国家的人员,旅行前可到国际旅行卫生服务机构进行相关咨询获取健康指导,在旅行过程中应当采取预防措施避免被蚊虫叮咬。入境时如有发热、皮疹、肌肉和关节痛等症状,应当主动向检验检疫部门申报,并积极配合进行传染病排查;检验检疫部门同时将给予相关的健康指导。入境后出现上述症状者,应当立即就医,并向医生说明近期旅行史和蚊虫叮咬史。上游新闻-重庆晨报 陈翔视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 假期安全 出游注意防范“寨卡”和“登革热”相关的主题文章: