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Do you know how hard it is for a woman to be pregnant? Then you dare to cheat?! Although the mother – Sohu Lin Dan derailment, has in the past almost 10 days, but this news Xiaobian still can not accept, after all, Lin Dan is a big man of God, a small Lin Dan fly around, know Lin Dan affair, said do not marry. This news exposed, netizens condemned Lin Dan, not only because he broke all of his good family man, his mouth always "Fangfang" impression, is more Chibi is that he derailed in Xie Xingfang during pregnancy, which aroused the indignation of women, many younger sister transient sister group. Mother doubt, we all know that woman is very hard at the time of pregnancy, but how painful is it? A pain in early pregnancy, implantation, the woman first endure for about a week of implantation pain, and some will be accompanied by bleeding with the mother described the feeling: "almost pregnant belly bulge pain, feel pain, a bit like to menstruation feeling for a few days later without this feeling, from time to time and felt stomach pain once, sometimes like to fall like the pain of a few seconds and no pain, this is the embryo in the fallopian tube to the uterus move feeling." Two, early morning sickness is an early response reaction, a symptom of most mothers will experience, but the degree is different, because individual constitution is different so the reaction is not the same. There are nausea, vomiting, anorexia, backache, fatigue and other symptoms, especially in the morning and evening will be nausea, vomiting occurred without warning. It was safe to eat, but a smell of nausea. Generally found within a month after pregnancy will recover, and some continue to 4, 5 months or even longer. Even in the morning sickness pregnancy in October. In addition, pregnant mothers have many types of headaches. This description of the mother: "sick and do not spit out, can not eat anything, sometimes spit acid, others pregnant weight Cengceng rub to rise and I have lost 16 pounds!" Enough to see the early response is not like a TV play ran to the toilet retching as so simple, the early pregnant mother, absolutely is a great test of physical and psychological. Three, hi cool afraid of hot pregnant women like cool heat, this is a very common physiological phenomenon. From the physiological changes, sixth weeks of pregnancy, blood volume increase, cardiac output increased, so pregnancy heat production, accelerate the The new supersedes the old., energy release, so afraid to feel hot. Pregnant women are mostly hi cool heat because pregnant women with fetal blood supply, blood deficiency and yang hyperactivity, excessive fetal fire (commonly known as "fetal fever") caused by. Pregnant in October, if in the year of the summer city like Guangzhou, mothers will suffer many hardships. Four, frequency of a new life in the mother’s belly growth, also in the oppression and mother pelvic bladder, half of pregnant women in early pregnancy may have frequent micturition, at a later stage, there are nearly 80% pregnant women for frequent urination problems. A mother said: "ten to twenty times a day to run the toilet is normal. Every night to urinate at least 2 times or more, especially to the late, was stupid like a bear, turn the相关的主题文章: