Don’t wait for Mac and iPad to upgrade next week, Apple will be the end of the year segotep

Don’t wait for next week Mac and iPad upgrade! Apple: the earliest to the end of science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying professional users blessed, recently there is news that the Apple Corp plans for professional users to upgrade iPad and Mac two product lines, adjusted from two aspects of hardware and software. By then, in addition to the new version of iMac, MacBook Air notebook, Apple will jointly launched an independent 5K LG display, while publishing a thinner MacBook Pro. According to insiders, the iPad software system will have to wait until 2017 to see how to upgrade or, but the new Mac series is expected to debut at the end of this year. IPad Pro it is reported that Apple or in the first half of 2017 to upgrade the iOS 10 iPad software update, but does not rule out this year’s iOS version will come along with the iteration. Specifically, the use of hand-painted Apple Pencil should be a major highlight of this upgrade, Apple plans to expand its scope of support for App, further to the Samsung Note series pen closer. Currently, apple only supports Apple Pencil functionality in several specific App. In the display, the new technology will allow users to have a more smooth zoom, translation and rolling operation experience. Prior to the well-known analyst Guo Mingchi has said that apple is expected to launch 10.5 inches iPad Pro as a new member of the iPad product line. Mac upgrade although iPad may not be able to buy this year, but according to insiders, the new Mac is expected to debut in October 2016. In addition to supporting USB-C technology MacBook Air, there will also be equipped with a new AMD image chip iMac. It is reported that dynamic features will be the core features of the Mac series. Specifically, the computer screen will display the operation directly with an independent visual function bar. Each of the different App, the visual function bar will display the corresponding operation, but the general function, such as the volume adjustment keys will always be displayed. This function can effectively improve the efficiency of users. In addition, the upcoming September Sierra Mac version of the operating system, Siri voice will also open support for the Mac series, from Apple Pay mobile payments to iMessage will cover.相关的主题文章: