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Driving killed people, no illegal driving will lose money? This is defined in the seventy-sixth chapter of the law of the Sohu traffic law: motor vehicle is not a fault of the party, to assume no more than ten percent of the liability. In fact, the no fault, we must first understand, if you hit the pedestrian, I have the responsibility, because you did not keep a safe distance, or road speed too fast, of course, unless the person is falling from the sky to fall in your car, so between the vehicle and pedestrian accidents, the number of motor vehicles have responsibility. Of course, if there is no obvious violation of the law, it is not possible to involve criminal responsibility, which is to solve the civil compensation. If the non motor vehicle (bicycle, car battery etc.), if the other party is retrograde, you have brake marks, not speeding, overloading, obviously is the other party to you hit the car with his eyes closed, then this is absolutely no responsibility, in addition, wanton motorcycle lane changes, do not turn on the lights if hit. There will be no secondary responsibility responsibility, ensure safe distance, if it is red light, that we are not responsible. But if you die, you still have to pay ten percent of the total cost. In fact, if the advance medical expenses of more than 10%, if you don’t have to buy no liability, the excess paid medical expenses, I am afraid you are back. (don’t you pay attention to driving without a license) in a motorcycle, do not belong to non motor vehicles, the car battery in accordance with the law strictly limits the speed of more than 20km h, does not belong to the vehicle category, and so the accident the car battery, but not their responsibility, must fight the lawsuit.相关的主题文章: