Eleven long holiday out of the suitcase loaded with these 3 pairs of shoes is enough winlinez

Eleven long waves loaded on the trunk out 3 pairs of shoes is enough: lead immediately to the eleven small holiday, we should have nothing to work on it, I think it is the national day 7 days to go to where the waves. Do not know to travel out of the small owners of the luggage pack up? But no matter where to go to play, we must always do a good job in the preparation of concave shape, do not dress up, I am sorry for the beauty along the road. (Editor: @philtre) did not wear the United States did not live up to the beauty of the road still remember the "desire of the city," Carrie said this famous saying? "The road of life is not so easy, so you need a good pair of shoes to make the journey more fun," this woman is playfully creatures, even cut the hand to spend money to give yourself a reasonable reason. Similarly, it is important to wear a pair of shoes in the long vacation. I believe that many people are very confused, out of comfort is the most important, but often these shoes can make you unable to look fashionable, that want to walk fast to fashion to fly, in the end the choice of what kind of shoes? We should choose what kind of shoes shoes a lot of Le Fu Le Fu shoes when it comes to travel, your first thought is to wear sports shoes would be a good reflection of himself, in fact, choose a pair of comfortable shoes not only can Le Fu is very stylish loafer advantage that you can wear to the leisure tourism, collocation clothing, if occasionally a decent restaurant and also no problem. Le fu shoes Street loafer street map le fu shoes can be divided into many kinds, now popular leather slippers are suitable for travel to wear, comfortable and fashionable, can go on, can be completely avoided because of embarrassment wear too casual and bring. Fashion blogger demonstration of casual wear of leather slippers if the luggage is relatively empty, you can also bring a pair of a little with a little, so that the picture will be better. Gucci le fu shoes, this is the right height with with the loafer in travel can also prepare a pair of talking about this, we recommend a small South Korean brand Yuul Yie, his home Le Fu shoes and leather slippers design are good, but also have more features, intermediate total metal a hollow or decoration, unlike the Gucci le fu shoes law-abiding. Yuul Yie Yuul Yie flat loafer loafer white Yuul Yie shoes or sandals and Carrefour combined, plus some hollow design instep punk metal buckle, very suitable for girls to wear cool. Yuul Yie hollow loafer red section Yuul Yie boots boots this season, can wear it, so travel can also bring a pair of fashionable, want to can light leg wear, cold weather can also freeze. That this year’s fashion boots, velvet material is hot this year style. With the height of 3-4 cm is the most appropriate, not very tired, but also can play the role of elongated leg lines. Velvet boots wear foreign goods queen queen’s sister also frequently wear velvet boots this year. Golden little girl in a swan.相关的主题文章: