European countries for the first time issued in China Panda Bonds – Sohu Finance

European countries for the first time in China to issue "Panda Bonds" – Sohu finance Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 25 August, (reporter Jiang Lin, Liu Zheng) people’s Bank of Chinese released news shows, Republic of Poland 25 in the Chinese inter-bank bond market successfully issued 3 year Renminbi sovereign bonds 3 billion yuan. This bond is the first issue of RMB denominated bonds in Poland, is also the first sovereign country in Europe to enter the Chinese market, Panda Bonds issued". According to the joint lead underwriter and Bookrunner China bank, the bonds coupon rate of 3.4%, to attract domestic and foreign investors enthusiastically subscribed, the subscription amount of more than 5 billion 900 million yuan, about 2 times the amount of the issue. "Panda Bonds" refers to the Renminbi denominated bonds issued by institutions that are legally registered in china. It is an important part of China’s bond market to actively and steadily introduce foreign institutions to issue RMB bonds in China, and to promote the development of the "panda debt" market. According to the China inter-bank market dealers association statistics, as of now, a total of 17 overseas issuers "Panda Bonds" in China’s inter-bank market issuance or "Panda Bonds" registration, issuance of a total amount of 125 billion 500 million yuan, 39 billion 100 million yuan, 31 billion 100 million yuan balance. Issuers include international development institutions, government agencies, financial institutions and non-financial enterprises, the main issue is increasingly rich. The central bank official said that the Poland Renminbi sovereign bond issuance, to strengthen financial cooperation, deepen the wave wave economic and trade relations, also has the positive significance to the expansion of China’s bond market opening. Author: Jiang Lin, source of Xinhua news agency, Liu Zheng相关的主题文章: