Family Travel Taishan line – Sohu maternal and child homefront

Family Tour: Taishan – Sohu maternal and child Taishan line: A Fang October 4th, we boarded Taishan. Take the cable from taohuayu Daoxing to the Peach Garden, and then along the South Street, Tianmen, Bixia temple to Yuhuangding, here is the highest peak of Taishan. In the street, his eyes went no mountain experience higher than their sense of direction, so as to "self"! For a holiday falls, many travelers, jostle each other, really can be used to describe the huge crowds of people. In addition to say people should also talk about the clouds. The distant horizon, indistinct a line, perhaps that is the sky; near the clouds and pavement. Looking across, several peaks in the clouds like a fairyland of Penglai partly hidden and partly visible. Above the sky, the sky is blue, the sky gradually become cloudy, the fundus of the Tai’an city like in the chaos. Taxi driver master said that the past two years, the people of Taishan, about 23 reduction in air pollution in North China or for a reason. No coincidence is not a book. In the top of the mountain in Taishan, we actually met a small Z alumni – with the same grade school children. Without exception! Two children met soon conversational, together to climb down, at the active. Climb over the top, we do not intend to stay in the crowd, on the downhill. Many visitors and security pressure, take the cable car station with armed police on duty, spectacular. After dinner, we went to the Red Gate Road, we have to look at the so-called "Red Gate" where the hell is, what. The night has come, the Red Gate Road showing a night market. Shops on both sides of the street shops, selling all kinds of goods, food, drink, play, everything. A night to climb Taishan people passing by twos and threes, the boss hard selling their own flashlight, mountaineering rod. Z is the occasion to buy horns lights on his head. We got into the corner, looking back on Taishan mountain, shadowy, flickering, as we know, it is the path of the mountain climber lamp. In October 4th a public subscription number — happy parent-child reading (xingfuqinziyuedu), Fang for you to share good books, educational articles, and you exchange the original parental perception, welcomed the attention. :)相关的主题文章: