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Female tourists jumped into the sea is still missing Sapphire Princess cruise ship Sapphire Princess Cruise London September 12th news: reporters from the Sapphire Princess Cruise pick friends broke the news, the evening of September 10th, a woman from the Sapphire Princess Cruise jumped into the sea, has yet to find. On the evening of September 11th, the company issued a statement saying that the monitoring screen has been transferred out of the incident, according to the monitoring screen shows that the tourists from the cruise area in the middle of the 15 decks of the public sea. Reporters learned that the Sapphire Princess starting from Baoshan port in September 10th, according to the plan will travel to Nagasaki and Jeju, long 4 5 days later, by the Shanghai chatianyuan travel charter. According to the plan, September 10th after shipment to September 11th, were cruising. September 12th 9 in the morning, the cruise arrived in Nagasaki, japan. September 13th 7, the cruise ship will arrive in Jeju Island, and will return from port at 13. The reporter learned from the cruise company, September 11th, confirmed that Shanghai has a princess, a Sapphire Princess of the female guests, disappeared in the 10 9:15 companion report. Allegedly, the last time the passengers were witnessed in September 10th at 19. 10 evening, there are visitors to find staff for help, said companions do not know. The ship received the news, immediately launched a comprehensive search for the ship, and arrange security personnel to view the surveillance video. Confirmed by the surveillance video, the passenger at 22:28 on the evening of September 10th, from the public area of the 15 floors of the central coast of the sea. At this time, the cruise has reached the high seas. The Sapphire Princess will immediately report to the local authorities of the accident, also ordered the cruise to return, continue to search for missing passengers. In consideration of the passage of time, as well as the length of the ship before the accident report and other factors, local authorities have approved the Sapphire Princess continues to sail to Nagasaki, that is, the next port of the trip. According to reports, the cruise on the deck railing in strict accordance with international standard setting height between 1.1-1.3 meters, and the fence is set to tilting. Under normal circumstances, even if the ship in the course of bumps on the road, visitors do not fall into the water. Reporters will continue to focus on the matter. Source: Xinmin editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: