Flee North Canton, I noticed that hidden in the lake bottom of the ancient city of Tourism – Sohu beef怎么读�

Flee North Canton, I noticed that hidden in the lake bottom of the ancient city of Tourism – Sohu for weekdays busy for a long time does not go to the cinema. Accidentally open the video out of the Sohu, "in July and she", then look up. Open the barrage, netizens to discuss with the development of the story, the triangular relationship between the ups and downs of the change, who really love who, who knows? Can discuss to discuss, the essence of the play is not a love drama. People eat melon and saw only the surface of the drama, the story was boring at, as everyone knows, it is the expression of the two surfaces of a human soul in the confrontation and reconciliation of the story, I was finally the play zhichuo heart, because my heart is also the existence of the two extremes of the soul, is the family firm in July and drifting escape alone. I often hear my friends do not understand the opinion of me "you are really playing too crazy love", another is "do you really know what you want, girl, not too hard, make yourself so tired". But the real people who know me will say "I think you’re a strange person, crazy when you can jump a night in a nightclub, a quiet time and can put their nest in the room all night writing manuscript." Yes, I can see from my music collection, occasionally a long string of rock and roll, and occasionally jump out of a string of classical music, wardrobe clothes never fixed style. Say I am different personality, or that I am schizophrenic or, in short, I think this preface to write a little more…. Well, I usually style are likely to jump on foot ah, ah, ah diving trip like this, when I put too much attention on my soul, I may "July" not too happy. She told me that autumn weather, Beijing’s haze peak, Guangdong typhoon, it is time to find a place for a holiday. Travel, eat more bitter and also will not refuse under any circumstances must choose, on vacation, a comfortable bed, the room was filled with the fragrance, is invincible scenery out of the window, even in the inside nest all day are not boring. Here, no heavy traffic instantly quiet world, can let the ear eye nose mouth more sensitive, including the brain. So, I am looking for a new hotel near the secret: it is near Qiandao Lake, and in the ancient city of Wen Yuan City, every room is a house belonging to your independent mansion, 24 hour butler service, you can walk in the ancient town during the day, or the taste of local snacks or watching the lion city. A traditional drama; at night, or to a comfortable spa, listening to the rain or a bath, wash away the dust of the world’s troubles. Arrive at night wenyuange Singapore Platinum Hotel Ree Hotel, specially prepared for the little surprise, outside each house hanging lanterns was attached to his name, and I wasn’t the visitors, but the people, as if through to the Tang Takenori years, the city has not been won the million hectares of Bi wave. Just waiting for my return. The house to Huipai architectural style, into the room, fragrant wood, a layer is the living room, the decoration style of ancient 3相关的主题文章: