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For the network about cars "rules" should be strengthened in   experts called for strengthening supervision of passenger car — original title: Network about cars "rules" should intensify the experts called for the strengthening of supervision network passenger car about the detour, prices appear scary "ghost train", damage to the passengers legitimate interests; around constantly exposed about car network security incidents, such as not long ago, a female passenger from Nanjing called a network about the car, the driver was hijacked to Taizhou, 24 hours after they were rescued by the police…… Since July 28th, the Ministry of transport announced the network about cars around the legalization, is to seize the time to formulate local rules, while the ordinary passengers and industry experts also repeatedly called for the strengthening of network about cars supervision, especially in key areas such as access threshold of life and property safety of the passengers, the car about network supervision should not become "vacuum zone". Net about car chaos emerge in an endless stream recently, yuho "ghost train" appeared in Xiamen, Qingdao, Shanghai and other places, the driver head are like a ghost scary, the driver not to get on site, start charging, and soon the end of the trip, passengers even the driver calls back, will be deducted. The fare. Although this statement is excellent step driver malicious brush, is to help the police to strengthen the investigation, but the audit network about car platform access to the driver is not strict, during the operation of supervision order, is to blame for the platform. "Ghost train", detours, quietly prices…… May just cause financial losses to the passengers, the more serious problem is that the individual network about the car posed a threat to the safety of passengers. In addition to female passengers mentioned about the car driver from Nanjing was hijacked to Taizhou earlier this year, the evening of May 2nd, Shenzhen, a female teacher on the net about the car drops was robbed and killed the driver, while in the previous March, according to the Shenzhen public security department investigation, part of the C2C network about car drivers have the drug and mental disease, lawlessness and other issues, some drug driving personnel have been canceled driver’s license to register as a net about car driver. In addition, some network about the car after the accident, it is difficult to protect the rights of passengers. In December last year, the Shanghai public Miss Cao about excellent step network about car accidents, leading to Miss Cao hit the front seat headrest, medical expenses spent more than 8 yuan. Later, the police found the driver Lee full responsibility, but Lee to shirk responsibility for all to better step on, Miss Cao indifferent, to evade responsibility. Finally, the law enforcement department for Miss Cao back to justice. Low threshold management loose buried hidden it is understood that the current domestic network about the car model for the main two kinds, one is mainly rely on private cars based C2C mode, the other is put into service to self’s B2C model, and the scale of network platform about the car drops, excellent step, easy to, China etc. at present there are C2C mode and the proportion is large, private car driver and vehicle access threshold is too low, the business process supervision, to the network about the car safety buried a security risk. Although in theory, the driver in the registration network about cars each platform, platform to verify the identity of the driver, the driver and the need to upload the driving license, the vehicle compulsory insurance policy and other information, but the actual implementation of the process).相关的主题文章: