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G20 do waiters wear cheongsam? West Lake scenic spot public security to send rice? Official response – Society – People’s network, Beijing, August – 30 (filial piety Jin Bo Intern Chen Mengke) G20 attendants lined up to wear cheongsam admission? West Lake scenic areas are not allowed to cook? The G20 summit in Hangzhou is the attention of the recent events, which are mixed with some rumors confuse, in August 29th, the official WeChat Zhejiang release responded, launched third times for the G20 Summit on the rumor. Recently, a girl wearing a dress long queues of video circulating on the Internet, netizens said "the video is the G20 summit in Hangzhou, staff queuing up for admission". After the news release, triggering concerns. After verification, this video from Guizhou city of Liupanshui held on July 29, 2016 Chinese Liangdu cheongsam Culture Festival, 3011 contestants from around the country cheongsam Ming in Liupanshui Lake Wetland Park 1.13 km landscape bridge on the catwalk, broke the Guinness world record, but the use of the Hangzhou summit is deceitful. According to media reports, there had been a CPPCC member in Hangzhou initiative Hangzhou women wearing cheongsam during the G20 summit, both to highlight the cultural charm, but also to promote the silk culture. But many netizens think Hangzhou women wearing cheongsam action is very difficult, and a place too, "wearing cheongsam initiative" or to go back. At the same time, there are rumors that the network: August 27th to September 8th, the province temporarily shut down the SMS channel, parents will not be able to receive SMS notification to the school." There are friends said, during the G20 summit, Hangzhou will stop all home broadband value-added services." According to the Zhejiang provincial communications authority verification, these are false information. Zhejiang communications industry will fully guarantee the smooth flow of the network will not pause or stop all normal calls, text messages, such as broadband communication services, telecommunications, mobile, Unicom 10000 10086 10010 customer service phone will also provide consulting and business process services. West Lake scenic areas are not allowed to cook fire, will be distributed by the public security." The news was released, causing netizens hot, some netizens joked, "don’t let cook meal also police I smiled to the Hangzhou public security." There are Internet users questioned the authenticity of the news, said: really when the police uncle is to open the cafeteria to send away?" Verified by the public security organs, the news department rumors. The public security organs at the summit: to remind the public security work, to minimize the impact on the normal production and life of the masses, please the majority of people do not believe rumors do not pass rumors. According to the Zhejiang public opinion research center of public opinion polls show that the overall satisfaction of the people of Hangzhou to become the site of the G20 summit reached 96.8%, there are 86.8% of people believe that their own sense of well-being and thus enhance. Some netizens said, some rumors pass rumors behavior has disturbed the normal social order, to discredit Hangzhou, too hateful. You "in the ballad" you:   (commissioning editor (Intern): Chen Mengke, Xiao Jinbo)相关的主题文章: