Gao Yuanyuan how big is the striped shirt of Dongyu Zhou p8400

Gao Yuanyuan Dongyu Zhou love striped shirt wear to the fashion lead: horizontal stripes is fashionable circle of enduring a single product, no matter what color or monochrome, it is all-match tire wear out. But why do stars trendsetter horizontal stripes wear out so fashionable, you wear out there is a sense of expansion? Don’t be wrong stripes, can only say that you will not take! (source: Ruili nets) many people dare not wear stripes afraid of fat, or become a passer-by, become very low! Left: Jennifer Garner right: Lena Durham but the fringe of this enduring single product, in the life can always see their shadow, the designer of the fringe show different style. T show and all the time to see the stars in the stripes, the star tide people have their way! In the street fringe trendsetter emerge from time to time, variety of stripes can create different styles of modeling, as long as you collocation good fashion sense, be nothing difficult following small sums up, four categories of fringes, directly take them off! Very fine stripe fine stripes, no matter what color are not to stick at trifles, can show different energy, a different charm. Tan Songyun stripe + denim skirt A skirt, very strong sense of youth, the charm of the age of stripes is here. Wu Xin airport street shot extremely thin stripes greatly reduces your sense of expansion, wearing a half put into the pants, so that your leisure look is also full of care. Fashion blogger blogger Eleonora Carisi very thin stripes into a wide stripe, both striped leisure and a sense of detail design, with the strap one-piece skirt, full of wind. Left: Street trendsetter right: Alexander · Ambrosio turtleneck sweater stripes suit pants or motorcycle leather this neutral handsome single product, so greatly reduce boredom. Pull cool cool fashion, warm and good-looking! The most common pinstriped Pinstripe, amazing shape as you choose, is also the star of love, not you can wear a rustic chic. Left: Gao Yuanyuan right: Dongyu Zhou black and white striped shirt + washing jeans, make you stylish and comfortable, with youthful vigor, vitality! Bai Baihe think stripes can not wear formal occasions? You underestimate it, turtleneck striped coat collocation umbrella skirt also placed a dignified and elegant, yet feminine. Jiang Xin is not thin, as we all know, when the stripes inside, wearing a denim jacket, good wear also show white. Liu Wen different colors to fight the stripe and a bit more feminine, leisure means not so strong, quite a bit old school wind. Wu Xin simple suits with stripes immediately change is not simple, Wu Xin striped suit collocation age with horns braid hat, feminine yet little girl’s feelings. Simple and elegant striped striped, collocation of whole fresh and not tacky, color collocation, have a bright feeling, with the wind makes you look no sense of oppression. Street beat trendsetter profile very simple dress with color stripes.相关的主题文章: