Girls fell off the horse in the kindergarten injured 38 stitches rectal serious crack footman

The girl fell in kindergarten Trojan injured 38 stitches on the bed / rectum serious cracks have been shouting pain small Rui Rui is even from the green little horse fell plastic horse toys quite common in the kindergarten, the children also love to play, did not expect that, over the weekend, the 5 year old Xiao Rui play when he fell, I fell really badly, and the lower rectum are cracking, a total of 38 stitches. "A good child is sent to the kindergarten to do so much harm." Yesterday, lying in the hospital’s small Rui has been shouting pain, the father of small Rui Feng both heartache and angry, he was afraid that the accident will have an impact on the future life of her daughter. Fall girl Trojan bleeding Mr. Feng is the Sichuan people, 2 years ago the Jinhu community opened a barbecue shop, daughter and son went to school in the flower nursery, pay 500 yuan a month. Mr. Feng introduced, 5 afternoon of November 4th, a kindergarten teacher hurriedly phoned to tell his daughter was injured in the kindergarten, quickly came to pick the child to the hospital. "I heard the news was dropped, hey in nursery school, how it happened?" When Mr. Feng arrived, her daughter squatted on the ground floor near the door of the toilet, the pants are blood, the toilet is also, her daughter has been said that the pain". Mr. Feng didn’t think much about it immediately picked up his daughter, a taxi to the city of maternal and child, the doctor said to be more serious, immediately before and after surgery, children 38 stitches. Sew 38 needle wound how to cause? A fall, actually caused 38 stitches in the wound? In this regard, the small Rui’s attending doctors, the child’s genitals, rectum are cracking, to be repaired, so with a thin thread, stitching a lot of needles, is not to let her leave traces in the future. Sometimes a lot of effort will not cause such a serious lower body cracking, often just hit a bump." Xiao Rui’s doctor said. Yesterday in the ward, small Rui told the Herald reporter, she and another little friends playing over there, no one pushed her, is in the process of playing the Trojan shaking, suddenly fell down. When the fall, the small body of the lower reaches of the plastic bump that bump out of the place, and then began to stomach pain, bleeding, he cried. Where was the teacher when the child was injured? Children are so much harm, Mr. Feng was very angry, that the kindergarten did not fulfill the obligation of safety supervision. Mr. Feng said that the small Rui classroom in the two floor, they generally go to the classroom at 5:30 to pick up the child, but they did not go to pick up, how the child ran down to play on their own? But at that time, the teacher did not promptly call 120, then alarm monitoring survey, the figure is white and a child, don’t know what happened. "These days, we call in the past, people come to the kindergarten’s care." Feng said. Herald reporter contacted the person in charge of a kindergarten teacher Kang flower. Kang teacher, day school, small Rui told the teacher to hear the voice of my mother, the teacher also thought that her mother, let her down, did not think the child is lying to her, he went there to play a plastic horse. "Very few of them have fallen so heavily on plastic horses." Kang teacher, the child fell and did not;相关的主题文章: