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Girls take the black car insurance raped on the front of the car to take the license plate to help them escape just get on the bus driver asked if she has a boyfriend, also using a mobile phone to put pornographic video to her…… Changzhou female students take the black car at night when the owner was obscene, and nearly raped. Fortunately, she took the car before the car license issued to students, and in anticipation of the abnormal situation, quietly tell students to call the police. It is precisely because of these tact, she finally escaped. In November 11th, modern express reporter learned from the Wujin Procuratorate, at present, the black car driver on suspicion of compulsory indecency has been formally arrested. Correspondent Sun Xiaojuan inspections, modern express reporter Song Tijia Nanjing Xuan ZAKER female students take the black car to the convenience of the 21 year old Xiao Jie (pseudonym) is a Changzhou university undergraduate female students, in September 26th this year, she returned home from the hsr. The train that night more than 9 arrived in ChangZhou Railway Station, the bus has been shutdown. Considering too many people lined up a taxi, and the cost is higher, Xiao Jie decided to take the black car. "There was no bus, taxi to queue, a black car drivers to attract business, I just found a black car driver." Xiao Jie in the memories, and the black car drivers after some bargaining, finally agreed to each other only 50 yuan will be sent to the school. Shortly thereafter, Xiao Jie followed the black car drivers on the car, she could not think of, this "good" black car drivers would become her nightmare. The driver and chat with her lewd content also attempted to rape "I get on the train after the driver began to chat with me, I asked the students love is not very open, do you have a boyfriend like problem." Xiao Jie said, black car drivers and her chat is vulgar, she was afraid of him. Shortly thereafter, Xiao Jie found that black car driver has not sent to school, but in the opposite direction. Xiao Jie even more afraid, even scared to kick the door to get off. However, the black car driver did not care. "He has not stopped, has been open, I call 110." The driver of the black car parking quickly grabbed her mobile phone and shut down. Then, the driver of the black car parked the car to a secluded alley, took off his clothes and let Xiao Jie touch its body, and take out the condom from the trunk, the intention of rape of Xiao jie. After being revolt, the black car drivers and use mobile phone pornographic video playing to Xiao Jie, claiming that "feeling and etc.". Take the license plate on the front of the car to help her in the face of the black car drivers escaped from the crime act, Xiao Jie resisting and continue to instill legal knowledge, try to have a narrow escape from death. However, the beast in the black car drivers did not attend to these, continue to Ruanmoyingpao Xiaojie, intent to rape. "Then he mobile phone on a phone call, that is" minhuang police station "." Xiao Jie recalled due to misconduct when the driver of the black car, the other mobile phone suddenly got a call from the police. This really surprised the black car drivers, also has the convergence behavior. Since then, the small clean speech offensive, the black car drivers also gradually dispel bad thoughts. It turned out that before the car, careful small clean quietly photographed 7相关的主题文章: