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Goodbye King fund subsidiary channel under the most stringent new regulations turn – fund channel channel goodbye King fund subsidiary of the most stringent new regulations under the 4 year old Chen Xiuyue turned to a subsidiary of the fund, as a child growing up rapidly relying on the channel business, is facing the Commission’s new rules for standardized management "". In August 12th, the Commission on the views of "the fund management subsidiary management regulations" and the "Interim Provisions" of the fund management company specific customer asset management subsidiary management risk control indicators for public, the industry became a subsidiary of the fund "the most stringent new regulations". Right now, the industry has been driven by the feedback to the securities regulatory fund Securities Regulatory Commission before September 12, 2016. The draft for the first time to establish risk control index system, the future fund subsidiary channel business leveraging high low capital mode will be limited. This is the king of the channel, said the fund subsidiary, which means strict supervision and transformation and challenges. Shenzhen, a subsidiary of the fund has prepared strategy after meeting at the end of September confirmed. Fund subsidiary channel business has been criticized for a long time. In fact, before the formal implementation of the new regulations, most of the subsidiaries have been active in asset securitization (ABS) and other aspects of the initiative to explore the management of business. With the policy to encourage changes in the direction of the industry, the fund’s subsidiary is likely to face a new round of reshuffle. Behind the regulatory escalation of the upgrade is the rapid expansion of the scale of the fund subsidiary asset management. September 26, 2012, the Commission issued on the implementation of the fund management company specific customer asset management business pilot approach, the relevant provisions of the notice. In November 2012, ICBC Credit Suisse, Castrol, Ping An UOB’s three subsidiaries approved, a subsidiary of the fund opened the era of great leap forward development. Fund companies are keen to set up a subsidiary account go channel business or investment in non-standard assets. Public information, as of the end of March 2016 79, a subsidiary of the fund assets under management reached 9 trillion and 800 billion year on year and the chain growth rate was 115%, 15%. At the end of July 2016, the 79 fund companies to set up account number of products more than 17 thousand products, the scale of management has exceeded 11 trillion yuan. Far more than the number of public fund products and asset management. Although experienced explosive development, but the subsidiary is still dominated by channel business. Because of a lack of risk capital and net capital constraints in recent years, rapid increase in the scale of asset management fund subsidiary, which channel business accounted for about 70%. Commission spokesman Deng Ge said in May, since 2012, the majority of the fund subsidiaries to adhere to the industry, but a subsidiary of the fund risk, from the industry, a large number of channel business, related business are nested, blind expansion of business risk, risk control and compliance control is weak, the capital constraint mechanism indeed, capital and the scale of capital does not match, the blind expansion of business scale, disorderly expansion etc.. August 30th, the Commission Vice Chairman Li Chao attended the fund.相关的主题文章: