Guangzhou Laisui points home next February finalists results available

Guangzhou Laisui points home next February finalists We want you check results! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: points home next February – the available finalists edition the author information times reporter Huang Yan correspondent to Xuan Xuan ear ear hair 2016 points system home index is 6000, based on 4500 index last year increased by 1500, reaching more Laisui personnel. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou City Personnel Service Bureau was informed that this year’s points will be coordinated by the Bureau and the specific implementation of the bureau. November 1st to 30 to accept online applications, the city accepted the acceptance of the 36 windows of paper materials. It is reported that after the application, the applicant can be shortlisted in February next year, this year’s policy is still a spouse and children can be moved into the home. The same rank competition residence time according to understand, Guangzhou from 2011 to organize the implementation of Guangzhou personnel points home policy, 2011 ~ 2014 year home index was 3000 in 2015, increased to 4500, currently has more than 16 thousand staff for the Guangzhou home integration system. City to the Bureau said that this year, the index system of home indicators for 6000, an increase of more than 30% over last year. It is understood that the newly revised "Guangzhou points system home management approach" to spike personnel to apply for 2016 annual points system home, need to have the basic conditions of the 6. In addition, this year the integral index with "education level" and "technical ability" and "urgent work or occupation qualification" and "social service" and "tax" and "innovation" and "job housing area" and other 7 projects, as long as 7 points in the cumulative total index score reached 60 points to get the threshold of the home. With an integral system of eligibility for home applications, will be in accordance with the city to pay social medical insurance, residence permit for the length of time to rank. According to the previous points into the home finalists situation, pay social security life to reach 7 years or more close to 8 years before there is a greater hope. It is reported that, in the previous policy, the number of years to pay medical insurance to meet the same situation, then the competition to pay the length of unemployment insurance. This year is changed to compete for the duration of residence permit. This year to submit material has been simplified this year home to apply for process integration system is consistent with previous, also will promote the "Internet plus" government services, the bidding process and required to submit application materials can be simplified further. Such as real estate, employment registration, insurance payment, personal tax is no longer required the applicant to submit proof of paper materials, instead of directly online reporting information, background unified audit; college degree or above (including college degree), can log Chinese education information network online verification and to print "registration form" does not violate the plan; proof of family residence can be directly in the street (town) family planning department, no longer need to return the original residence to handle. City to spike Bureau said that this year continue to choose theory相关的主题文章: