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Hangzhou Haifa Temple monk official monthly salary of eighteen thousand strokes: the temple does not exist – Beijing recently, a "Hangzhou Haifa Temple" the monk recruitment recruitment letter screenshot in micro-blog, WeChat and other social platforms there, said the Hangzhou Haifa Temple monk recruitment, a monthly salary of 18 thousand yuan, accommodation, travel site practice. Hourly subsidies for three years after the monthly salary of 24 thousand yuan monthly salary of 80 thousand yuan, the abbot. In addition, this recruitment letter also requires candidates have a bachelor’s degree or above, Graduate priority, 211 or 985 University priority". At the end of the recruitment letter leave connection way for personal micro signal, location of the interview "on the third floor of Fahai Temple in Hangzhou". October 28, 2016, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs to verify the matter. Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Affairs Office official said in an interview with reporters, which is the so-called recruitment letter Hangzhou Haifa temple does not exist. The responsible person said that the relevant information is available through the temple of the State Administration of religious affairs "religious activities" basic information query system query, the system will display the query of the temple faction, place name and address and name of the person in charge of information. Subsequently, the reporter visited the basic information about the religious activities of the inquiry system, the search did not find the Hangzhou Haifa temple". Reporter to the recruitment letter address to remain "Fahai Temple" as the keyword search found no Fahai Temple in Hangzhou. Although in the territory of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo and Taizhou each have a "Fahai Temple", but reporters from two Public Complaints Bureau was informed that the two temple is very small, has not released a similar recruitment information. In addition, a Hangzhou Public Complaints Bureau office to the relevant person in charge said, "in the network communication this is called" Hangzhou Haifa Temple recruitment monks "is a rumor, the content is out of thin air. In this case, Hangzhou does not have this temple, the spread of online rumors quickly, resulting in a lot of Internet users misreading." Subsequently, the reporter found that the addition of micro signal reservation after recruitment information, the micro signal jump to a circle of friends in WeChat advertising micro business, mainly selling watches, leather, lighters and other goods. It is worth noting that in recent years, the recruitment of monks around the endless rumors. The reporter found out, Zhejiang Hangzhou Lingyin Temple, Xinchang temple, Sichuan Chengdu Dacisi, Zhaojue temple, Gansu Baita temple, Mount Wutai in Shanxi, before the Guizhou Guizhou Lingshan Hongfu temple, Shaanxi Famen Temple and other temples have caught, false information to appear in the so-called "recruitment monk" in the network. Although the temple appeared in the rumor after rumor, but there is still a lot of similar false news spread in the network recruitment monk. Reporters search found that false news like dating back to 2008, when recruiting news and now the monk similar content, but the "wages" is only 4000 yuan per month.相关的主题文章: