Hard too hard to finish! An analysis of the industry that has been determined to win jkforum

Hard too hard to finish! Of great ambition in high risk once the game industry in the industry will inevitably introduce some developers, although old-fashioned, but the game can be guaranteed. But if the entire gaming industry are taking the old road of security, the game market can not be healthy development. It is those who have ideas, ambitious developers, the development of the game industry to be able to promote. Full of ambition for game developers, game player by nature. Alas, some developers do not care too much force, they head the "epic" may cost over investment or not, or directly into a garbage. The following list presents ten overexert, anti game as cannon fodder. Some game concept of excessive advance, Born Under A Bad Sign; some games have not reached until the launch of the great idea of developers. But their tragic endings are quite consistent. 10. "Extraordinary" before this extraordinary twin twin performance, and no one accused Quantum Dream is a lazy game developers, they released the game screen fine, like a movie scene. "Storm" "fantasy killer" these games are well received in the players, as Quantum Dream laid the status. The "extraordinary" twins just launched, is very promising, that game player of the game will be a flagship PS3 game. Unfortunately, in addition to beautiful picture and two Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe leading outstanding star, "" extraordinary twin plot procrastination, gameplay is not scientific, restricted the game player. Quantum Dream seems to show too much control over the user experience, did not give players the freedom to experience the game plot space. 9. "Fate" of the game at the beginning of a fate but full of ambition, tempt the appetite game player, but with the development of the game, this ambition slowly wilt. Bungie’s plan is to launch a multi game player first person shooter game, in the game, game player can not only feel the "halo" in a series of fierce fighting fun, you can also enjoy lasting MMO style and sense of process. Yes, "destiny" is not so bad, but can not say that the final product of the game and the beginning of the propaganda is not a thing, can not say that it is not good, but it is not as good as the original idea. A few weeks after the game was released, have said that the game player began to feel boring, because the task always repeated in the plot too dependent on before the plot. "Destiny" in the shooting part is still good, but lost momentum in the early lead to excessive expectations, game player. This navigation Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. 8. The Duke of eternal destruction, the Duke of eternal destruction, for some time, "the Duke of eternal destruction" is the best first person shooter. As a result, after joining the 3D effect, the character’s behavior becomes quite ridiculous, like a two-dimensional character suddenly.相关的主题文章: