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HD: South Korea held around the colorful activities to celebrate the 570 birthday of Han Wen   – International – people.com.cn people.com.cn Seoul 9 October, October 9th (chengshuo) is of great significance to South Koreans, because this day is South Korea’s "Han Wen day". To carry forward the traditional Korean culture, encourage people to study and popularization of Korean, the Korean government will be a year of "Korean Daily" as a statutory holiday, and is celebrated all over the country. Before the Korean era, South Korea does not have its own text, but has been using Chinese characters to mark. It is only the rich and powerful Chinese characters can learn the text, so that the majority of the Korean people are living a life of illiterate. In order to facilitate the life of ordinary people, the fourth monarch of Joseon Dynasty reign of King Sejong during creating a simple Han Wen, and in October 1446 promulgated the "hunminjeongum", the official told the world, advocate the use of Han Wen. Create great achievements to commemorate the Korean king Sejong, the South Korean government to October 9th of each year as "Korean daily". To celebrate the 570th birthday of the Korean, Seoul Gwanghwamun square held a grand "Korean day" on October 8th to 9. The event is not only a wonderful performance, and calligraphy, handmade, puzzles and other rich and colorful Korean experience, attracted many citizens and tourists to participate in overseas. Many parents take their children to the gwanghwamoon Plaza, the unique charm of the Korean experience. There are a lot of people dressed in traditional Korean costumes — hanbok take to the streets to visitors to "sell" the traditional Korean culture. Share to: (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: