Hi sen! Bear children are finally going to school! – Sohu car magicq

Hi sen! Bear children are finally going to school! The car – Sohu put fake bear children, like a runaway horse, heaven and earth, equal to anything. Willful, but also work against you! Summer vacation? Children’s paradise, parents’ abyss…… Fortunately, soon to open! Learn! By! Quickly gathered up the luggage articles in the whole family, old and young, one does not fall, packing and a bear children to school! From then on the serfs will sing! "Well…… Clothing and footwear can not less "with" winter clothes! The cold is not good "and" new bedding have, last year that are not warm "and grandma you satisfied new insoles do also take snacks!" …… Eighteen passers into battle, for fear that the preparation is not enough, you can look at the pile before the hill into the luggage…… The way to school! Almost inaccessible! So much love burden to get it? Call out the big brother next door to help! The trunk capacity of 485L Ta can also be used not long wheelbase 2652mm offers spacious space travel bring a better travel experience this season let Dongfeng Peugeot 301 to you and your family a comfortable school trip ~ today’s topic for every driver to provide you with more large luggage space: remember when school, parents send you to the school? (part of the picture from the network)相关的主题文章: