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How do you have enough black iPhone 7 also push white – Sohu digital [mobile china news] in terms of color, Apple has always been very innovative. Under the leadership of iPhone 7, the black body has become the first choice of many Android machines. However, there is not enough black and bright black, Apple also intends to launch a new color version of the iPhone 7. According to Japanese media reports, the supply chain news, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will add a new color – Jet White, it can also be called bright white. Bright white iPhone 7 media also gave a bright white iPhone 7 schematic, it is clear that you can see that the bright white iPhone and bright black version of the appearance of no difference, but the color of the body has changed the 7. From the picture point of view, the bright white iPhone 7 does look neat and clean, but compared to the bright black, bright white version of iPhone 7 more susceptible to contamination of the fingerprint, and scratched the back shell damage will be more clearly revealed. But Japanese media also said that due to the inability to confirm the supply chain information is accurate, so now Apple will launch a bright white iPhone 7, at most is a rumor.相关的主题文章: