How long to change the brake pad Don’t hang, 1 minutes to understand the brake replacement cycle of didadi

How long to change the brake pad? Don’t hang, 1 minutes to understand the brake replacement cycle – automobile Sohu as a qualified driver, in the running process of the automobile vehicle, should have a good grasp, especially the brake system of a motor vehicle, such as car brakes become soft, harden phenomenon. When it comes to the brake system, have to say that the car’s brake pads, because the brake pads not only affect the car’s braking performance, or the owner is relatively easy to check and maintain a longer cycle of parts. But many owners still have doubts, the replacement of the brake pads is the number of times, when should replace the brake pads? The brake pads of the brake pads are composed of a friction material layer, an insulating layer, an adhesive layer and a backboard. The brake disc pushes the friction material of the brake pads on the brake disc through the brake branch pump to push the brake. Some brake friction materials is relatively hard braking effect is poor but the service life is long, some brake friction material is soft but good brake performance, it can be seen that the brake pad life with friction material has a direct relationship. The replacement period of the brake pads for owners of the brake disc replacement cycle may be some controversy, mainly the owners want to extend the repair plant replacement cycle, repair shop to shorten the replacement cycle…… Perhaps most owners have encountered such a situation, the owner went to the 4S shop maintenance repair shop, the store only see your car mileage, will recommend you for brakes…… Generally do not know the car owners may be directly replaced, there are actually a lot of time is not to need to replace the brake pads, brake pads need to change not only to the mileage, the most important is the actual thickness of the brake pads. When do you need to replace the brake pads? Daily use, owners should pay more attention to the brake when the brake pad wear thickness after 3mm to visual and will need to be replaced. If the owners do not have the habit of checking the vehicle is also no problem, because the brakes have alarm sensor, when the brake is too thin, the brake sensor will alarm on the dashboard, the owner to confirm brake alarm, don’t panic, drive to replace the 4S shop. Summary: driving habits have a great impact on the use of the car brake pads, the driver of the vehicle in the main brake on the brakes not only oil also wear brake pads, especially in the traffic jam on the brake pad greater loss. One thing to note: many models of the front brake (front vehicle) 28000 km will need to be replaced, but with a car people can reach 35000 kilometers, is because of the driving habits, is actually one foot deep, shallow kick. About the car master: the car is a problem, find a car master! The car has 120 thousand professional Master Certified Automotive Technician 4S shop 10 minutes, answer your car repair, maintenance, car and other aspects of the problem. PS: Car master also opened the door to install the service in the country, welcomed the appointment of the car master gold service. History ======= problem for automobile automobile master car master, 10 minutes to answer all your questions: WeChat car car add up arrow press copy master相关的主题文章: