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How much is the poo and slobber boys? True – mother from Sohu began to prepare pregnant, has been to Nanbao rules to give her husband to eat their own dove stew soup, three months of folic acid, the same room before ten days of abstinence, ovulation intercourse, pregnancy has been found, that is really the boy, the mother is linked to sleep straight mothers the following symptoms of! A male body, early mother ash measured ninth days after ovulation, is really the only mother can see. Two, ten men and nine leaks, not allowed, I am very good during pregnancy, all the production is a one-time check, progesterone is very high in the early pregnancy. Three, the first four months of the reaction is small, only just vomited three times, nausea, loss of appetite, eat ten days Rice porridge pickled cabbage but the weight is still long. Three, the beginning of the two month, the navel began to grow hair, thin and short, navel above the hair has been to the chest, very short, turned out the navel. Four, breast areola become larger and larger, black. Five, the gestational age of eight weeks, the gestational sac is eggplant shaped, 4.1× 4.5× 1.6 six, the first four months, has been spit saliva, at any time is a mouthful of saliva. Seven, on the belly line is bent eight Qinggong table allowed, 49 algorithms are not allowed, no nub theory, four-dimensional display of renal pelvis separation, so this is not. Nine, I can not see the shape of the stomach, but friends are said to be sharp belly shape. Ten, the face of acne, but not much, skin oil. Eleven, it is said that the son of shit, I shit, shit every day, sometimes a day, two stools, urine clear. Twelve, sell online test card to display nubao I bought, cheated 180 yuan. The thought of these, I hope you will treasure the mother male male to female, female, thank you for making crazy people, four pass, to find a friend, determine a boy. In this paper, sorting from the "crazy APP user – made Man Duo Zhao" share, all rights reserved.相关的主题文章: