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Huang Haibing: I have red let those characters into a classic Sina entertainment news Huang Haibing [micro-blog] is really a very unexpected actor. As a teenager, he is still red, after the wind knight, watching clouds as love hate resentment pay a smile. A star in the entertainment industry is still in the reclamation of barren pioneers, Huang Haibing has been one of the most popular martial arts costume actor. Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Gu three masterpieces with his handsome mark, Chen Jialuo, Shen Lang, Zhang Danfeng often at the same time in several TV stations across the air on the move. However, Huang Haibing has gradually to the middle-aged, like "Seclusion". When the martial arts costume finally get rid of low-end manual technology began to flash turn maneuvers to escape God special Hyun, arena, but it is very difficult to see the old warrior figure, leaving some early legends. When not find, but found the body has micro blessing him, actually began to play the president sincere words and earnest wishes. Huang Haibing guest "Qingyun Zhi" until this summer, "Yun Zhi" "-" broadcast, the familiar figure finally appeared in one. Especially the "Qingyun Zhi", the white haired Qingyun knight, faintly reminiscent of that rise steeply but Shaoxia, Lang Lang Ying, will eventually become the teacher Fu, years, what does not forgive. Many grown-up girls said, Huang Haibing defines the childhood of their God all cognition, nostalgic mixed a lot of shear Huang Haibing early martial arts drama fragment with ancient music, to think that year. Some people say that Huang Haibing is killed were not holding red star is very miserable, they seriously discussed in various forums: now why Huang Haibing is not here? Entertainment every minute in the update, red and red in the end how to define? The rise and fall of Huang Haibing’s performing arts may also give us an answer. The memory of the Marie Shaoxia was trapped in the fire choked in that no money, no technical service of a country, even the concept of wind campaign did not find out the primary entertainment era, can become the "Idol" actor, "basically good foundation". Huang Haibing is almost standard is traditional beauty of man, like the beauty of what dashing eyebrows star breeze word, put him not diaojia. It is said that he was admitted to play after school, the teacher also excitedly rush about telling the news around spreading: we recruit to a Zhou Runfa…… Huang Haibing received the first movie, "Jin Yong martial arts drama sword", has never officially been mirror he or actor. This movie is probably the first book of the Jin Yong drama, shooting, Huang Haibing Shulang appearance success helped him to emerge, and the default screen orientation — the lakes Ranger after his long years in. "Pingzong Xiaying" from 90s to early two thousand active martial arts costume drama is a small climax, the first batch of Hong Kong team North Pathfinder, also began directing mainland martial arts drama on the screen, eager for a fight, a group of another group over the dazzling drama. With the full value of Yan dandy Huang Haibing contracted many drama actor, such as "new" pingzong Xiaying "Sui Tang heroes", can be called the "hot search")相关的主题文章: