In 2016, Qinghai Province, the temperature of the flood season is higher than that of local severe c

The temperature in Qinghai province in 2016 flood season than in strong convective weather in some more – perennial Beijing, Beijing, September 29 Xining Xinhua (reporter Zhang Tianfu) Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Qinghai provincial Climate Center on the afternoon of 29 reported that Qinghai province this year, the average temperature higher than the annual flood season, strong convective weather is more, especially in the August precipitation was more than the history at the same time, the maximum daily precipitation record. It is reported that in 2016, the main flood season in Qinghai province (6-8 months), the province’s average temperature of 14.8 degrees, higher than the perennial high temperature of 2.1 degrees, the highest since the first column in history since 1961. The province’s average rainfall 223.3mm, close to the annual value (220 mm). During the flood season, strong convective weather more of Qinghai Province, especially in the August precipitation was significantly more than the same period in history, the daily maximum precipitation record. August Henan, Gangcha, Huangyuan, Qilian, Golmud, Germany, in the daily maximum precipitation since 1961, the daily maximum precipitation month history of extreme. According to the briefing, during the flood season, local area in the northeast of Qinghai province and the frequent hail, Longhua and Menyuan and other places have occurred 21 hail disaster, resulting in 40569.6 hectares of crops affected, farmland and woodland also suffered varying degrees of damage, economic loss of 211 million 220 thousand yuan. During the flood season, due to heavy rainfall and continuous precipitation, Tongde, Chengduo, Minhe and Xining areas of the province landslides, debris flow disaster, which killed 6 people, 3 houses collapsed, destroyed farmland, culverts, diversion, direct economic losses of more than 145 yuan. (end)相关的主题文章: