Iphone6 failure rate of 26% even more than Android 3u8813

IPhone6 failure rate of 26%: even more than Android, according to foreign media reports, the recent research institutions Blancco Technology Group released a research report on the mobile phone system. The report shows that the failure rate of iOS devices in the first quarter of 2016 was 25%, while the failure rate in the second quarter increased significantly, reaching 58%. At the same time, Android is constantly improving the stability of the system, the failure rate has been less than iOS system. IOS system failure rate upgrade: to be more than Android! In the second quarter of 2016, mobile device health report, the failure rate of iPhone is 26%, is the most unstable apple phone. At the same time, the screen is larger battery life longer iPhone 6S Plus instead of a lower failure rate, only 14%, which is very intriguing. Android phone failure rate fell to 35% from the first quarter of 44%, the success of the iOS has become more stable than the mobile phone system. This is also the first time since the start of the Blancco Technology Group health report, the failure rate of the Android system is less than iOS. Blancco Technology Group chief strategy officer Richard Stieon said in an interview, iOS in this market has been known to stability, but with the changing performance of mobile phone, iOS and Android on the stability of the system is also constantly changing.相关的主题文章: