Iphone7 is garbage This time you may miss the Sohu of science and technology zngay

IPhone7 is "garbage"? This time you may miss the Sohu technology this morning, Apple has finally released the long-awaited new iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, the first area including China, country line version 5388 yuan. A10+M10 coprocessor and 32G ROM capacity, waterproof and dustproof, canceled the 3.5mm headset jack, Home key to strength induction key, it all looks lackluster, let users no update to iPhone6 iPhone 6S, after all, the life is long enough, and iPhone7 must be a bit less reason to buy. Certainly there will be users called iPhone7 behind is a "junk" look what has not changed, is Tim Cook in the scam, Apple really black, but is it really? Hard power considerations (1) supply chain capabilities. Compared to previous generations of iPhone, iPhone7 7 plus 8 on the morning of the opening conference, 9 days to accept reservations, 16 days on sale officially on sale, only every 7 days, have greatly improved over the previous generations, the reservation time of iPhone6s in September 12, 2015, the official release date is September 25, 2015, separated by 13 days, and in iPhone6, the official release date is October 17, 2014. Recently, some media reports, as of 5 am, the customs supervision has been Apple’s new mobile phone 92 times, involving new mobile phone 371 thousand, a total weight of 211.50 tons. In just 7 days, you can directly to the market, behind the supply chain of apple, has been very familiar, domestic mobile phone manufacturers generally rarely do only after a lapse of 9 days is officially on sale, mostly in more than 10 days, from this point of view, the ability of the supply chain is the real consideration, thus thought a domestic mobile phone manufacturers said that such delivery for three months. (2) coordination ability of hardware. IPhone 7 plus uses a dual camera function, in addition, also canceled the 3.5mm headset jack, chip configuration is A10 chip, Apple’s own storage space also canceled 16GB, direct 32GB is started, so the price is compared to the previous generation increased 100 yuan. The coordination ability of the hardware performance in response speed, processing speed, the application of user needs, fit and mobile phone itself, it is necessary to achieve the appearance at the same time, still have to work on the hardware above, the hardware is not tied in a pile on the finished thing. IPhone7 7 plus change from the user itself criticized, only rely on word of mouth, in order to achieve greater effectiveness, and word-of-mouth communication from the user satisfaction with the quality of iPhone7 7 plus after use, if the users of the iPhone7 7 plus does not love, or so-called these updates, does not satisfy the user, the iPhone7 7 plus really overwhelmed. To know the function of dual cameras, domestic.相关的主题文章: