Ji’nan officials after the opening of the era of private cars because of the bus was too broken ravbin

Officials in Ji’nan after the bus era: the car was stopped by meeting the original title: Ji’nan civil servants too broken "after the bus time: more than and 50 year old hall cadre group learning! 2, less than 7 in the morning, Li Wenzheng got up, after a simple wash dinner, he opened the bus mobile phone APP "micro", see the bus home and a stop on the way, he quickly picked up his briefcase, coat, walked in the door of bus station. Take a bus to work, Li Wenzheng has been insisting for a whole year. In October 23rd last year, Shandong official car system reform started, at present, the Shandong provincial Party and government organs to complete the basic reform of the bus, 1024 provincial buses sold a total of about 56000000. At the same time, the behavior of Party members and cadres, but also slowly changing. Crowded bus to work, earn more than one thousand per month in October 23rd last year, Shandong official car system reform started, the general public service vehicles at all levels of Party and government organs in Shandong province have been canceled. Retention of official vehicles, only the necessary confidential communications, emergency and special vehicles and expertise in accordance with the provisions of the front-line law enforcement duties vehicle. In addition, the provincial bureau chief is primarily responsible for the city and county (city, district), township (town, street) party and the main person in charge can keep working car. Currently, the Shandong provincial Party and government organs bus reform basically completed, the 17 cities to cancel the bus auction is underway. Provincial Development and Reform Commission official said, the province’s institutions, state-owned bus reform has also been included in the plan. As the two government agencies, Li Wenzheng gave up the bus, in accordance with the level, get 1560 yuan monthly car allowance, because he lived in the old district, no parking, abandoned car idea, began commuting. The bus was found to be very convenient, and now there are bus lanes, faster than driving, but also much easier to drive than their own." Li Wenzheng said that the house is about 6 stops away from the unit, generally more than half an hour to be able to. Traffic control center sometimes need to go out to work, Li Wen is online check the line, take a bus to go. Encountered an emergency, Li Wenzheng taxi software with a taxi in the past. Today, when the Festival back home, Li Wenzheng also took a family to sit high-speed rail, to the future with a taxi software taxi home. "Now I have at least mobile phone drops, Shenzhou four or five -, taxi or bus software." Li Wenzheng calculations, the monthly cost of spending on the traffic is not more than 500 yuan, equivalent to more than he took more than $1000 subsidy. However, there is no bus, Li Wenzheng also encountered some inconvenience. There was a rush hour, Li Wenzheng need to attend an emergency meeting, the results can not hit the car, helpless, he had to help subordinates to pick him up. To open the car to go to the meeting, too broken were stopped with Li Wenzheng, another provincial government deputy departmental level cadres Zhou Hua was not so lucky. His home in the eastern part of a dormitory, more than and 20 kilometers away from the unit. After the cancellation of the bus, Zhou Hua will not be able to drive, can only take the bus to work, but the time spent on the road to spend nearly two hours. "No Kay相关的主题文章: