Keyboard second change drawing board, the Lenovo super pole to the deformation of a new definition –

The keyboard becomes the second drawing board, the Lenovo super to deformation under the new definition of the science and technology – we are a Sohu advocating simple, natural 80 couples, compared to smart life now, simple way of life we are more interested in the countryside. However, by chance we both came into contact with Lenovo YOGA this product, it enriches our lives…… I have been very love manual recording life, painting, Handmade, tourism, leisure and keep some flowers, life is slow. Most of the time, not come up with a bunch of brush out of hand, will be faced with a computer and drawing board drawing way, compared to the hand or computer made convenient, so a lot of time to open the computer, insert the hand-painted panels, began to change the map, this process is somewhat cumbersome, if it is inconvenient to travel abroad. Until a few days ago, very let me experience the Lenovo YOGA BOOK, really long! Introduction recall first glance was captured YOGA BOOK notebook computer tablet looks delicate, matte black shell, silver collocation shaft metal texture, looks more like a small book, and thin, and light, people put it down. YOGA BOOK notebook computer and tablet computer that little body should be made one, also comes with a drawing board and a pen, and a touch screen (I felt my notebook and drawing board is really cumbersome), later on, carrying shopping will not feel heavy, change the map of a matter of minutes. In addition to the appearance of the advantage, I also feel like some personal details to share: rotation mode, multi angle tent mode, 180° tile, arbitrary flip, controllable super. There are different from the general notebook computer keyboard function and single tablet computer keyboard drawing small area switching function, only need to touch the YOGA BOOK F10 can replace the keyboard and the drawing board function, convenient drawing office at the same time write copy. The upper right corner of a key board switch function, fast and convenient. The keyboard is different from the general computer keyboard, full touch screen felt pattern, good tactility, quick response, less dust, easy to clean. Experience husband is a high school art teacher, usually only love tea, play antiques, intelligent products have been without a cold person, see YOGA BOOK, managed to grab me up, love education. He first took it up to write lesson plans. Just contact such high-tech products, first select the computer typing in the form of input, can be directly input to the touch screen mobile phone, typing the same excited flexible, he also took the hand in playing, they can write lesson plans, it is paper screen synchronization! Finish the lesson plan he took to play the game, really like, in order to play the game to play well, it folded up, play more favor. Tired of playing games and watching videos, watch the video to take long time, and can be expanded, it is flexible, has been frustrating to dinner, he has to learn how to cook APP, now learning to do. But as an illustrator, I got a YOG test相关的主题文章: